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Bulgarian Ski Resorts
Bansko - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Bansko

This charming, historic town nestled at the foot of Pirin Mountain is a year-round destination that offers a slice of village life plus good skiing, hiking and restaurant experience. Bansko has been a hot spot recently, raising its popularity gradually throughout the years. Each year, the world’s best skiers officially opened the ski season in Bansko. So far, prominent guests to the grand celebrations have been Alberto Tomba, Lasse Kjusse, Mark Girardelli, etc. “Tomba” is the name of the [Detailed Information]

Borovets - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Borovets

Borovets (also known as Chamkoriya until the middle of the 20 th century) is a very popular ski resort in Bulgarian with many deluxe hotels and high-end restaurants. Borovets has been hosting Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions and is one of Bulgaria's most spectacular winter landscapes and well-recognized tourist destination in Europe. Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, and also a popular summer mountain resort. It dates back from 1896 when Duke Ferdinand built a residence [Detailed Information]

Chepelare - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Chepelare

Chepelare is a picturesque winter ski resort, situated in Rhodopi Mountains. It as only 10 km away from the other popular ski resort in the region Pamporovo, 260 km from the capital Sofia, and 75 km south of Plovdiv. The town is the native place of one of the most famous sport persons in Bulgaria – the first and only golden medalist from Winter Olympic Games (Nagano 1998) – Ekaterina Dafovska. She won the biathlon gold medal in 15 km women’s Individual sprint. The town is nestled in [Detailed Information]

Dobrinishte - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Dobrinishte

Dobrinishte is the youngest town in Bulgaria consisting only 3000 people. It is situated 6 km from Bansko, 68 km from Blgagoevgrad and 166 km from the capital Sofia. Nestled between Pirin, Rila and Rhodopi Mountains, the town is located 850 m above sea level. Dobrinishte is a famous spa resort with 17 mineral water springs with proven healing powers. Close to the village is another spa resort, Banya, which has 27 thermal mineral springs. Dobrinishte is suitable for both winter and summer [Detailed Information]

Maliovitsa - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Maliovitsa

Maliovitsa Peak is situated in north-west Rila Mountain, 2729 m above sea level. The ski resort named after the peak is right beneath it and is one of the most popular winter tourist destinations in Bulgaria. Skiing is very well developed, and so is alpinism. The highest and the most difficult alpine paths are in Maliovitsa. The resort is 40 km away from Borovets – the biggest Bulgarian ski resort, 27 km from Samokov and 92 km from the capital Sofia. The nearest settlement to the ski center [Detailed Information]

Pamporovo - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Pamporovo

Pamporovo is the sunniest Bulgarian winter resort. The gently sloping mountain hills provide a variety of ski runs appropriate for both beginners and advanced skiers. It is situated in Rhodopi Mountains, at the foot of Snejanka Peak (1926 m), one of the most beautiful places in the mountain of the mythical singer Orpheous. The distance from the capital Sofia is 260 km, Plovdiv is 85 km away. The closest bigger town to Pamporovo is Smolyan, 16 km away. Pamporovo has a mild climate of 120 [Detailed Information]

Panichishte - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Panichishte

Panichishte is located on the border of Rila National Park, 1350 m above sea level. The closest town to the resort is Sapareva Banya. The distance to Dupnitsa is 25 km, the capital Sofia is 85 km away. The resort offers excellent conditions for both winter and summer tourism. Panichishte has several ski tracks: Bekyara and Ajdena – both of them less than 500 m long; a cross-country track – 5000 m long and soon to be equipped with a shooting ground for biathlon; and kids track. There are [Detailed Information]

Uzana - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Uzana

Uzana winter ski resort is situated in central-north Bulgaria, 22 km from Gabrovo. The resort is 1240 m above sea level and is the only winter ski resort in central Stara Planina. Located at the foot of Ispolin Summit, Uzana provides excellent conditions for tourism throughout the whole year. The resort is the geographical centre of Bulgaria. Shipka Peak is around two and a half hours from Uzana. The total run of the ski runs in Uzana is 3 km. There are 8 small tracks and one 1300 m long [Detailed Information]

Vitosha - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria Vitosha

Vitosha, one of the symbols of Sofia, is believed to be the first Bulgarian mountain tourist destination. August 27, 1895 is the date which laid the beginning of the mountaineering in the country. 300 men and women have climbed the peak “Cherni Vruh”, something unheard of before. It is now popular in Bulgaria that on August 27, thousands of tourists climb the peak to honor this tradition. Cherni Vruh is the highest Vitosha peak, 2290 m. Vitosha is the most popular Bulgarian mountain in [Detailed Information]

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