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Bulgarian businesses can use our pages to present their investment projects to our audience. Advertisers receive a user name and a password to our Administration panel, where they can add/edit/delete their investment projects. Viewers to our site see ONLY the contact information of our advertisers, their logo and a link to their company website. Inquiries are forwarded directly to the advertiser as well.

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Advertising rates are not openly published, however if you are interested in finding out the costs of doing so please contact us on our contact e-mail. We will be most prompt in our reply to you.

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Final Consumption of Bulgaria

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FDI as Percent of GDP in Bulgaria

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Bulgarian roses
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Kyustendil is situated in the southern part of the Kyustendil Valley, 90 km south-west of Sofia. There are more than 40 mineral springs in the town. The waters are of considerable content of sulphite compounds. These are used for treatment of the locomotory system, gynaecological and other kinds of diseases.

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