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Trigrad - Famous Bulgarian Town Information

Trigrad is a Bulgarian village situated in south Bulgaria, in Rodopi Mountains, not far away from the Greek-Bulgarian border. Trigrad is 36 km south of the municipality center Devin and around 40 km west from the district center – Smolyan, at 1240 m above sea level. The population of the village is around 850 people living in houses built on top of rocks surrounded by bigger and more massive rocks.

A lot of artifacts have been discovered in Trigrad region – caves used as homes in the past and Thracian necropolises. It is thought that Trigrad originates from 3 small settlements, which later on give the village its name (“Tri” mean three, “Grad” means town).

Cultural tourism is undoubtedly the leading sector of the local village economy. It is a year-round destination for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists, attracted to the village by its virgin nature, saved traditions, rich cultural heritage and traditional Rodopi hospitality. The village also offers horse riding facilities, motorway tracks, rock climbing.

Near Trigrad are situated 3 of the 100 National Tourist Sites – Yagodinska Cave, Devil’s Throat Cave and Trigrad Gorge. The village is the starting point to many tourist routes. The karst region around Trigrad is the biggest karst region in Bulgaria – there are more than 150 caves, 7 of which were prehistorically inhabited.

The Trigrad Gorge is 7 km long and represents vertical marble rocks, some of which as high as 290 m, situated on both banks of the Trigradska River. The river itself from into the Devil’s Throat Cave and after 530 m comes out of a karst spring, before it combines with Buynovska River. When Trigradska River enters the Devil’s Throat Cave, its water form 12 underground waterfalls, one of them as high as 42 m – one the highest underground waterfalls in Europe. The legend tells that this is the cave where Orpheus entered into the underground kingdome of Hades to save his lovely Evridika.

The region is characterized with diversity of flora and fauna.

The “Orpheus’ Mysteries” festival is held each year at the beginning of August.

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