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Pamporovo - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Pamporovo - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information
Pamporovo - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Pamporovo is the sunniest Bulgarian winter resort. The gently sloping mountain hills provide a variety of ski runs appropriate for both beginners and advanced skiers. It is situated in Rhodopi Mountains, at the foot of Snejanka Peak (1926 m), one of the most beautiful places in the mountain of the mythical singer Orpheous. The distance from the capital Sofia is 260 km, Plovdiv is 85 km away. The closest bigger town to Pamporovo is Smolyan, 16 km away.

Pamporovo has a mild climate of 120 sunny days during the ski period. This is due to the proximity of Aegean Sea. The resort provides excellent ski conditions from December to mid-April. The average annual temperature is 3 C. Snowfalls account for around 150 days annually.

Pamporovo provides 25 km of ski-runs and 38 km of cross-country skiing tracks. There are 18 lifts with capacity of 8500 people per hour. There are ski tracks of different degrees of difficulty in Pamporovo. “The Wall” is the most difficult ski run in the resort; it is for advanced skiers only. Pamporovo is fully equipped with sophisticated modern technologies. Snow making and snow leveling machines are taking care for the excellent condition of the ski tracks. The Ski School in Pamporovo is one of the most famous ski schools in Bulgaria. The School is the main reason for many beginners from the region to start skiing. Snowboarding is especially developed in the district because of the interest to the sport shown by the young people.

There are a lot of traditional, local restaurants preparing famous Rhodopi dishes. One of the most prominent ones is the Lamb cooked Rhodopi style. The resort is very developed; it offers all the things that we are used to in our modern, everyday life. Originally established in 1933, Pamporova has over 25 hotels now. The biggest groups of foreigners who come to the resort are from Great Britain, Holland and Denmark.

One of the most interesting places in the resort is the restaurant situated at the top of Snejanka Peak, at 2030m height. When the weather is clear, there is a fantastic view from the restaurant, the whole resort with all the ski runs can be seen. To the south one can see the Smolyan lakes, and further down the Greek part of Rodopi Mountains. To the east, there is a panoramic view towards Rila and Pirin mountains, a couple of villages and Golyam Perelik Peak.

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