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Sofia University of National and World Economy
University of National and World Economy - Sofia
Sofia University of National and World Economy

UNWE is a modern higher educational institution, which conducts education in different forms and at different levels towards awarding the educational qualification degrees “Specialist”, “Bachelor”, “Master” and the educational and scientific degree “Doctor” in compliance with the traditions and values of Bulgarian higher education, the international practice and contemporary trends in education of leading universities.

Concurrently UNWE works on extensive scientific research projects in the sphere of economy and management in line with the scientific and educational policy of the country and the requirements for advanced training of highly qualified personnel for the newly developing areas of science and social practice. The knowledge, skills, experience and qualification attained at UNWE correspond to the world’s standards of quality of education and guarantee a successful adaptation and effective professional realization of its alumni in the rapidly changing economic and social reality.

UNWE’s mission is fully consistent with the scientific and educational policy of the country. The steady trend of dynamic growth in the number of students in the past five years proves that Bulgarian public is well informed about the potential of UNWE to provide first-class scientific and educational services through its highly professional scientific and academic staff of professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

UNWE offers education in the subjects : Macroeconomics, Finance, Accounting, Financial Control, Economics and Organization of Labour, Insurance and Social Policy, Marketing, Forecasting and Planning, Statistics and Econometrics, Economics of Industry, Agricultural Economics, Economics of Trade, Economics of Co-operations, Economics of Transport, Economics of Communications, Economics of Social and Cultural Issues, Journalism and Mass Media, Economics of Defense, Economics of Intellectual Property, International Economic Relations, International Relations, Tourism, Economic Logistics, Sociology, Economic Management, Business Informatics, Public Administration, Law, Economics with specializations: Economic Sociology, Economic Psychology and Economic Pedagogy.

University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is one of the biggest and oldest higher educational institutions of economics in the Republic of Bulgaria and South Eastern Europe with a history of over 80 years. UNWE originated from the Free University of Political and Economic Sciences (FUPES), founded with Ordinance N 2155/05.07.1920 of the Minister of Public Education. FUPES was transformed into the State Higher Education School of Finance and Administrative Sciences (SHESFA) with a legislative act of 1940 (State Gazette issue 126 dated 7.06.1940) and in 1947 SHESFA was transformed into a Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at Sofia University. The autonomy of the higher school was regained with Decree N 26 (the "Izvestia", issue. 10 dated 1.02.1952) under the name Higher Institute of Economics (HIE). In 1953 it was named Karl Marx with Decree N 89 (the "Izvestia", issue 23 date 20.03.1953). On 27.04.1990 the Academic Board (AB) passed a resolution transforming Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics into University of National and World Economy. Officially this was done with an act of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria on the establishment and transformation of higher educational institutions (State Gazette issue 68 date 26 July 1995).

University website: University of National and World Economy

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