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Duni - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Duni - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Duni - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Duni holiday village is situated in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, km from Bourgas and 7 from the ancient town of Sozopol. The construction of the resort started in 1987 as an Austrian-Bulgarian project (Bulgarian architects and Austrian construction company) aiming at providing Bulgaria with another world-class summer resort. Duni is situated on a nationally preserved territory. The complex is small and cozy, there beach area, mountainside area both of which are developed for pedestrians – from the shady narrow alley in the park to the small harbor. Duny was fully renovated in the year 2000 adding some new sunny sights and restoring the remains of the old town thus keeping the Bulgarian spirit of the resort. The resort has two beaches, Arkutino and Alepu, they are wild and original and not so luxurious. The reasons the beaches were left a little wild in that the resort belongs to a protected area, but there are high-ed accommodations provided in Duni. The deluxe ones are private villas designed in typical Bulgarian National Revival architecture. From early spring till late autumn the air carries the fragrance of sea and forest. The bay is naturally sheltered against northern winds, making it an ideal place for all kinds of water sports. Sometimes the sea is a little rough making the beaches suitable for windsurfing. There are a lot of national reserves in the area with unique untouched nature consisting of thick forests, flooded forests, swamps and rocky formations.

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