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Borovets - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Borovets - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information
Borovets - Bulgarian Ski Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Borovets (also known as Chamkoriya until the middle of the 20 th century) is a very popular ski resort in Bulgarian with many deluxe hotels and high-end restaurants. Borovets has been hosting Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions and is one of Bulgaria's most spectacular winter landscapes and well-recognized tourist destination in Europe.

Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, and also a popular summer mountain resort. It dates back from 1896 when Duke Ferdinand built a residence there. Borovets is situated on the northern slope of Rila Mountain, at 1350 m above sea level. The location of the resort is very comfortable – the needed infrastructure has been built so that the resort is easily accessible. It is located 75 km from Sofia and 125 km from Plovdiv. The nearest town is Samokov – only 10 km away.

The summer in Borovets is relatively cool, averaging in 15 C for July, and the winter is mild averaging in +4.6 C. These excellent conditions make skiing or going out extremely pleasant. Borovets is equipped with new, high-tech lift facilities, a number of tracks and world-class ski slopes. The resort is equipped for skiing, snowboarding, ski-jumping, cross-country skiing and biathlon. All the activities are accompanied by instructors.

Borovets is suitable for the whole range of tourists. There are local and foreign restaurant for every taste, night clubs and bars, spa and balneological centers, family hotels. The prices are very cheap compared to the European resorts.

Borovets has 40 km of ski tracks now, shared out in 15 tracks, different in their level of difficulty. The ski tracks in Yastrebets are of highest class. They have been hosting Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions twice. The plans are to build 19 more tracks thus expanding the whole ski area to 90 km. Currently, the resort has around 10,000 beds, and wit the projects that have been undertaken, this number is expected to increase to 17,000 beds.

One of the most attractive features the resort offers is night-skiing. Everyone who has tried it narrates about the positive effect of skiing when you are surrounded by the quietness and darkness of the mountain. Other activities offered in the resort that help people to fully unite with the harmony of the mountain are picnics, horse-riding, biking, fishing or walking on special tourist routes.

Borovets is a world-class winter ski resorts. It offers many luxurious accommodations, satisfying many different tastes, from modern and chic to elegant and antique. Needless to say, in the hotels everything is planned for full satisfaction: concierge services, parking, heated pools, wi-fi, massage therapies, body healing, etc.

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