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Gabrovo Province Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(40 companies found)
1. AMK
Mechanical Engineering
Today, AMK consists of the four business areas Drive and Control Technology, Handling and Automation, Geared Motors, and Automotive. In these areas, one can no longer get past the performances of AMK anywhere in the world. Whether servo motors, intelligent servo converters, ...[ ]
Antiva Real Estates Ltd
2. Antiva Real Estates Ltd
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
Antiva Real Estates Ltd operates from the very centre of Bulgaria, in the thriving town of Gabrovo, just 2 hours drive from both Sofia to the west and the Black Sea coast to the east. We can offer a wide range of all sorts of property, though we specialise in rural property. We ...[ ]
Electrical Engineering
APRONECS LTD was established in 1989 in the town of Gabrovo. Offering qualification at a worldwide level in Bulgaria, we put serious knowledge and experience of many years in the area of electronics. Apronecs do not make compromises with respect to quality and guarantees ...[ ]
Aproneks Industrial Electronics
4. Aproneks Industrial Electronics
Power Electronics Engineering Industrial Control Ultrasonic LAB. Tech
Architectural Studio VALEVI
5. Architectural Studio VALEVI
VALEVI Architectural Studio is working in the towns of Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Tryavna and Dryanovo since 1983. Until 1990 the activities of the studio were realized through the State Territorial Designers’ Bureau in Gabrovo. In 1991 the partners started working independently and ...[ ]
Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo
6. Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo
Tourism Hotels
Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo is a three-star hotel situated in the heart of Gabrovo. Due to its vast experience in the tourist industry the Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo is able to provide the perfect combination of timely practical service and comfort to its guests. The hotel is ...[ ]
Booking Expo Ltd.
7. Booking Expo Ltd.
Event Management
Booking Expo is an international agency specializing in business trips services. Our services are supported by a broad range of partners - agencies for accommodation, hotel chains and independent hotels that are carefully selected to meet your expectations and budget. We are a ...[ ]
BP Commerce Ltd
8. BP Commerce Ltd
BP Commerce Ltd. was established in 1995. in Gabrovo. Its main business is the production of automation - inductive and optical sensors, electronic timers, counters pulses fotorasterni converters - devices that are widely used in the automation of production processes in ...[ ]
Bulmat Ltd
9. Bulmat Ltd
Construction Construction Materials
Bulmat Ltd is a producer of competitive lacquer-painting products, thinners, adhesives and dry building systems. Established in 1993, the company keeps the trust of its customers by proving good quality and by offering adequate and acceptable prices. Bulmat Ltd. has its ...[ ]
Construction Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
Dolly LTD was founded on 24.01.1996. Since 1998 main part of our activities is the trade with heating equipment we aim at making easier when shopping. We are offering full pack of services like designing, supplying, assembling. We also have a service center. In our shop centers ...[ ]
Dragomani Ltd
11. Dragomani Ltd
Dragomani Ltd offers you a wide range of translation services: * Translation of official documents into 16 languages: we guarantee the observing of your confidentiality; * Translation of users’ manuals, articles and other documents for personal information * ...[ ]
EDA Ltd.
12. EDA Ltd.
Software Development
EDA Ltd. is an innovative, professional services company dedicated to customer needs in developing business using information technologies and advanced approaches. The Beginning ... EDA Ltd. was founded in March 1995 by merging two companies: AIT Engineering (software ...[ ]
ET GIP - Plamen Nedkov
13. ET GIP - Plamen Nedkov
Agriculture Agricultural Machinery
ET “GIP - Plamen Nedkov”, was established on 12 November 1992 with resolution # 2143 of Gabrovo District court. The company specializes in the production and trade of metal and wood cutting tools and spare parts for agricultural machinery, especially tools for machining ...[ ]
Evrika Commerce Ltd.
14. Evrika Commerce Ltd.
Construction Furnishing
The company "Evrika Commerce Ltd." - based in Gabrovo, Bulgaria was established and started producing furniture in 1997. At the very beginning the production consisted of individual orders for upholstering of private habitations, offices and hotels. In 1998 began the production ...[ ]
Packaging industry
What kind of packaging do you need? With decades of experience in the packaging industry, the professionals at FILPACK can help you determine the best packaging solutions for your business. Our company FILPACK Ltd located in Gabrovo – Bulgaria, is now producing ...[ ]
16. Fokus
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
Fokus agency has started its activity as a real estate agency in 2005, in Gabrovo. Our agency succeeded to take leading positions on the real estate market as a result of proper targeting, creating and maintaining of working organization, that is able to offer the generally ...[ ]
Gabrovo Milk Ltd
17. Gabrovo Milk Ltd
Food and Beverage Dairy products
Gabrovo Milk Ltd is successor to the traditions of the dairy founded in 1958 in the town of Gabrovo. From its birth, the dairy has enjoyed constant growth and development as it now has three units. The main unit is located in the town of Gabrovo with two subunits - one in the ...[ ]
Electrical Engineering
Main activities of GRAPHICAL PERIPHERAL DEVICES PLANT # Development, manufacture, trading and after-sales service of incremental and absolute rotary encoders; # Development and manufacture of Hall sensors; # Development, manufacture, trading and after-sales service of ...[ ]
Hotel Balkana
19. Hotel Balkana
Tourism Hotels
Hotel “Balkana” is located right at the ideal city centre of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The hotel opened its doors at the beginning of 2010. The nice combination of soft colours used in interior, the wrought iron and stone inspire a cozy feeling of comfort at the heart of the city. ...[ ]
Hotel Proxima
20. Hotel Proxima
Tourism Hotels
Hotel “Proxima” is situated on the outskirts of Chavei village, 6 km from the town of Gabrovo and 22 km from the town of Sevlievo, at 365m above sea level. The hotel is a spacious modern building, combining contemporary architectural views and the unique architecture ...[ ]

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