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Holiday-Sona Wedding House Business Description

Holiday-Sona Wedding House was opened in 1995 with the idea of offering to the modern woman a present-day interpretation of the eternal theme of the wedding gown.

The company's head office is located in the sea capital of Bulgaria the city of Varna. Manager of the company is Ms. Sonya Georgieva.

Apart from wedding gowns, Holiday Sona offers ball and formal dress focusing on two fashion lines boutique garments and ready-to-wear clothes of sizes negotiated in advance. The traditional accessories contributing to the festive atmosphere flowers, veils, reticules, and bridal crowns - are also present.

What is the Holiday Sonas bride? - She is a modern woman valuing the magic of the Great Day, at the same time insisting on being herself even in the most romantic moment: modern, elegant and true to her own style.

Therefore, the company's collections are featured by clear lines starting from the brilliant stays graphics, elegantly shaping the waist and exploding in expressive splendor at the lower part of the skirt.

The silhouette of the princess type classical variants is elongated, with alpha-silhouette, short dress and suit also present. All of them follow the tendencies of the day imposed on the fashion stage by the top Italian designers.

The author designed stays are the open sesame to the feminine charm of Holiday Sonas wedding toilets. However, the key to their brilliance are the specially selected ornamental elements adding to the nobleness of the fairy high-quality fabrics satin, taffeta, organza, tulle. Hand-made flowers, stones, pearls, Svarovski crystals and unique textile drawings envelop the bride in festive magnificence on the day of her dreams.

The color solutions of the collections are within the delicate tonality range from the classic white through champagne to club silver and gala gold with measured accents in bolder hues.

A team of experienced professionals works for the Holiday Sona trade-mark while the recognized companys designers are guarantors for the uncompromising quality of the festive creations.

Meeting the European and world high standard requirements, the garments of HolidaySona reach their clients across Europe and USA at extremely good prices a wedding day compliment, indeed.

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