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  Shoes, in Sofia


Location: Sofia

Svetovrachene, 1252 Sofia

Tel: +359 2 996 3521

Fax: +359 2 996 4336



ELASTIK AD Business Description

ELASTIK AD producer in Bulgaria of basic materials-for the shoe-manufacturing industry.
The products of ELASTIK AD are sold well both in domestic and international markets - Italy, Holland, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia. The main partner of ELASTIK AD is DAVOS S.p.A. - Italy.
The basic products of ELASTIK AD are:

1. Rubber sheets for the production of footwear soles.
DURELASTIK compact rubber sheets (bases on SBR) and EVAPREN microporous sheets based on foamed polymers - type EVA or on SBR.
2. Moulded soles, based on SBR.
3. Mucilages.
Polyurethane adhesives for the shoe-manufacturing industry and leather industry and haberdashery as well.
4. Supplementary products.
Rubber floorings and working shoes made of PVC or TR.
ELASTIK AD has at its disposal its own batch mixing department, equipped with internal mixers and open mills, with annual production capacity of 10000 tons batches.
For the production of the rubber sheets ELASTIK AD disposes of processing line with annual production capacity of 2500 tons of compact rubber sheets or 150000 microporous sheets at thickness 22 mm. For lending an leathery outlook, the DURELASTIK compact rubber sheets can be painted on an up-to-date painting line.
The department for the production of moulded rubber soles has an annual production capacity of 350000 pairs. In the same department the rubber floorings have been produced too.
The annual production capacity of the department for adhesives production is 2000 tons.
The working shoes made of pvc or tr have been produced on a rotary injection-moulding machine with an annual production capacity of 500000 pairs, on the same machine other models of working shoes or boots can also be produced.

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