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  Women Fashion, Leather clothing in Pazardjik

Women Fashion
Leather clothing
Location: Pazardjik

2 "Lyuben Boyanov" str. 4400 Pazardzhik

Tel: +359 34 57224, +359 34 56216

Fax: +359 34 57235



SILVER Ltd Business Description

The “SILVER” Ltd. company, situated in the city of Pazardzhik, owned and managed by Mr. S. Lazarov, is a specialized leather manufacturing company, producing leather mark table goods. The company operates and manufactures under the existing contemporary market circumstances and conditions of today from more than ten years. A 100 % “Closed cycle” : from the buy-up and processing the raw hide /materials/, to the outlet and production of the ready - to - wear clothes and output of sales, is fulfilled and carried out. The “SILVER” Ltd. company is one of the greatest leading private companies in the leather line of business - the Bulgarian leather industry sector /branch/ and field of work. The company has a large production potential at its disposal. It uses only materials of high quality from the greatest and world - famous enterprises in Europe - BASF, CATCH, HENKEL, STAHE and CIBA-GEGY for processing and manufacturing the raw hides - prime and raw materials. All the other subsidiary materials for the production of store - clothes - such as lining side - fasteners, threads and others are bought from very reputable Bulgarian manufacturers: ORBEL, BULGARIA and FILTEKS.

The company has at its disposal at about one hundred and fifty working places, consisting of and including high qualified and professional educated people - the working staff. The company necessary equipment covers 12000m2 built up and 22000m2 non built up area, which enables the development and opening of new production capacity and increasing the number of the working staff. The leather store-clothes and needed accessories are made of calf-, kid- and sheepskin as for this production, the brand new and modern high class professional sewing machines - JUKI, GARUDAN and SUN STAR are used and are conformed to the modern standards.


SILVER Ltd Model - SILVER Ltd Model - SILVER Ltd Model - SILVER Ltd Model - 

Leather clothing from SILVER Ltd, Pazardjik -
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