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  Women Fashion, Fashion designers in Lovech

Women Fashion
Fashion designers
Location: Lovech

70 Targovska Str. 5500 Lovech

Tel: +359 888 903403, +359 68 600643

Fax: +359 68 600643



Fashion House Style W Business Description

Fashion House "Style W" of the designer Veneta Vassileva was established on June 23rd, 1990 with the purpose of designing and producing ladies' ready-made clothes, unique ladies' clothes and accessories.
The firm is specialised in the production of ladies' costumes in small series. It produces blouses, skirts, jackets, dresses and overcoats as well.
Fashion House "Style W" disposes of its own production area with modern and elegant design, its own machinery with high-tech quality and staff of 40 well-trained specialists.
Designer Veneta Vassileva was nominated two times for the prizes of the Fashion Festival in Sofia and Varna 1995 for her collection of evening dresses. In 1997 she was nominated for Designer of the Year by the Academy of Fashion. At the International Exhibition "Partner Expo - Spring 2000" the firm was awarded with the prestigeous prize "Wing of Success". On December 19th 2000 Veneta Vassileva received the Special Award Contribution to the Bulgarian Fashion of Forum of Bulgarian Fashion, the organisation of Bulgarian fashion-designers.

On 12th March 2001 the Fashion House received in Paris the Prize for the Best Trade mark in fashion of these geographical regions.
Preserving always its unique style, the Fashion House participates with its collections in all significant fashion in the country.
The firm works for the home and international market. Its clothes are well accepted because they combine elegance and comfort with a fine workmanship and design, corresponding to the latest trends in fashion.


Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - Fashion House Style W Model - 

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