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We realise financial difficulties yet security has no price: Bulgaria President
Date: 19/03/2015
We realise financial difficulties yet security has no price: Bulgaria President

"We all realise the financial difficulties yet security has not price," said Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, delivering at the plenary hall an address to the National Assembly, FOCUS News Agency reported.
The President summarised the results from his talks with the parliamentary political forces in the frames of the traditional Month of Political Consultations.
"Basic competences are needed for everyone. Quality education is a product of political agreement. The focus on decreasing youth unemployment enjoys political agreement," the Head of State remarked.
He said amendments of principle could be adopted to the Tourism Act in 2015.
"A lot of the principles we take for granted are under a threat. Bulgaria is part of the EU. States in it are not divided into big and small – the voice of each is equal. Peace and prosperity are impossible without the rule of law. Weapons are proof of a lack of argument. We are united in the 21st century, learning from our ancestors’ mistakes, there is no other alternative to solving the Ukraine – Russia conflict except a peaceful way," Plevneliev stated.
In his words, Europe is Bulgarian people’s choice as they opt for the international legal order as they respect the territorial integrity of each state, and as they choose rights and freedoms.
"National security is guaranteed solely and only when [Bulgaria is] part of NATO. We all realise the financial difficulties in the past year but security has no price. The Bulgarian army needs a reasonable budget. Bulgaria has to strictly observe the commitments taken," the President pointed out.

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