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Bulgaria’s Pirogov hospital holds briefing (ROUNDUP)
Date: 14/04/2015
Bulgaria’s Pirogov hospital holds briefing (ROUNDUP)

A briefing dedicated to the cases of patients admitted to the medical establishment during the Easter holidays over food and alcohol poisoning was held Monday at Pirogov hospital in the capital Sofia.
Dr Kiril Hristov, surgeon at the second surgery clinic of the Pirogov hospital in the capital city Sofia, spoke at the event.
”During the holidays an aggressive patient aged about 70 was admitted to the Pirogov [hospital],” he said.
”He displayed verbal aggression. He complained upon being hospitalised of being unable to breathe,” the doctor stated.
Dr Hristov added the man had been transported by an emergency medical aid team.
”When he was hospitalised, he was in very serious condition [...],” the medical specialist said.
According to him, the patient started gesticulating and issuing threats.
Dr Kiril Hristov thought no really concerning cases had been reported during the holidays.
Most patients were admitted over overeating and bleeding due to wounds.
He also announced an interesting and optimistic piece of news.
”A 73-year-old woman with a rare illness was saved at Pirogov. She was hospitalised on March 8 due to complications involving intestinal obstruction and needed to undergo surgery immediately,” Dr Hristov said further.
”The woman came from Vidin and was allowed to go on March 16,” the medical specialist stated.
In his words, the woman was admitted to Pirogov with a very rare complication resulting from renal calculus, which affects between 1% and 4% of people worldwide.
Dr Hristov specified the woman in question suffered from a second congenital disease, which had made things even more complicated.
“The surgery and recovery period passes smoothly,“ the medic explained.
Maria Poyrazova, public relations specialist of the Pirogov hospital, also announced news, speaking at the briefing.
”Nearly 1,500 people were treated at the emergency medical aid centre of the Pirogov [hospital in the capital Sofia] from Friday to Monday morning,” she said.
“Almost 200 of them were hospitalised,“ she explained.
Ms Porayzova emphasised on a case of a motorcyclist who had broken his pelvis and 2 arms yet his condition had been now stabilised.
The public relations specialist said further some 151 children sought medical aid at the children’s traumatology ward, 30 of whom had been hospitalised.
“We can mention the case of a child with a broken right shank after it was caught in a machine for soil treatment,“ Porayzova commented.
According to her, the child is now in good condition.
The hospital official also informed about the case of a 5-year-old boy bitten by a dog, which resulted in his arm broken in 3 places.
“The child was hospitalised on the third day after being bitten and is now alright,“ Maria Porayzova commented.
She also told about a skier from Bansko – a 9-year-old boy – who had broken his left thigh yet was now fine.
According to the information provided at the briefing, 3 patients were admitted to Pirogov’s toxicology ward.
“[They include] a 16-year-old boy with blood alcohol content of 1.8‰. A 43-year-old man with blood alcohol content of 2.3‰ was also hospitalised. Another patient of 67 with blood alcohol concentration of 2.27‰ was also hospitalised,“ Maria Poyrazova announced.

Topic: Health

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