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Veliko Turnovo University -St. St. Kiril i Metodi - Bulgarian Universities
The Veliko Turnovo University -St. St. Kiril i Metodi - Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Turnovo University -St. St. Kiril i Metodi - Bulgarian Universities


Faculty of Modern Languages
Faculty of History and Law
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Orthodox Theology
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Modern Languages:

In the autumn of 1963, the St. Cyril and St. Methodius Pedagogical Institute was founded on the historic hill of Sveta Gora in Bulgaria’s medieval capital of Veliko Turnovo. In 1971 the Institute became the first full-fledged Bulgarian University outside the country’s present capital. Established in 1963, the Faculty of Modern Languages is generally considered to be the University’s most dynamic and multi-faceted unit. At present it offers a variety of BA and MA programs and provides instruction for a growing number of PhD students. The Faculty of Modern Languages prides itself on being the heir of the medieval School of Turnovgrad (13th – 14th c.), which was famous for its exceptional learning throughout the Eastern Orthodox world. It maintains high standards and is regarded as a leader in national and international education. The Faculty currently provides instruction for over 2 500 students. It employs 300 highly qualified academics as regular staff. This number includes a Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Arts and Sciences, 15 full professors, 50 associate professors, and over 90 PhD holders. As the teaching of foreign languages is one of the Faculty’s major strengths, it likewise employs a considerable number of guest lecturers who come from different parts of the globe and provide instruction in a wide variety of languages ranging from English, French, German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish to Dutch, Polish, Serbian, Modern Greek, Romanian, Albanian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

Department of Modern Bulgarian Language
Department of Bulgarian Literature
Department of Russian Language
Department of German and Dutch Studies
Department of Classical and Oriental Studies
Department of Slavonic Studies
Department of General Linguistics and Old Bulgarian Studies
Department of General and Comparative Literary History
Department of Romance Languages
Department of English and American Studies
Department of Methodology of Linguistic and Literary Education

Faculty of Fine Arts:

Department of Sculpture and Special Theoretical Disciplines
Department of Drawing
Department of Painting
Department of Graphics
Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Faculty of Education:

Department of Computer Systems and Technologies
Department of Education
Department of Information Technologies
Department of Pre-school Education
Department of Music
Department of Algebra and Geometry
Centre of Physical Education and Sports
Department of Primary School Pedagogy
Department of Theory and Methods of the Physical Education
Department of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Faculty of History and Law:

Department of Ancient History and Ethnology
Department of Modern General History
Department of Geography
Department of Archaeology
Department of Medieval History
Department of Modern Bulgarian History
Department of Law

Faculty of Orthodox Theology:

Department of Historical and Practical Theology
Department of Iconography
Department of Biblical and Systematical Theology

Faculty of Economics:

Department of Finances and Accounting
Department of Economic Management
Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations
Department of Marketing and Tourism
Department of Organization and Methodology of the Social Activities
Department of Foreign Languages and Librarian Studies

Faculty of Philosophy:

Department of History of Philosophy
Department of Psychology
Department of Philosophical Sciences
Department of Political Science, Sociology and Cultural Studies
Department of Foreign Languages

University website: The Veliko Turnovo University -St. St. Kiril i Metodi

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