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Trakia University Stara Zagora - Bulgarian Universities
Trakia University Stara Zagora - Stara Zagora
Trakia University Stara Zagora - Bulgarian Universities

Trakia University – Stara Zagora is an autonomous state institution. It was established in 1995 by Decree of the 37th National Parliament.

The following educational units are in the structure of the university:
-Faculty of Agriculture with training experimental base
-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with clinics
-Faculty of Medicine
-Faculty of Pedagogy
-Medical College – Stara Zagora
-Medical College - Haskovo
-Medical College - Sliven
-Technical College - Yambol
-Bulgarian-German Agricultural College – Stara Zagora
-Department for information in-service teacher training
-University hospital

The University organizes training on programs with four educational and qualification degrees - Specialist, Bachelor, Master and PhD, as well as on programs for qualification and post-graduate training in the system of life-long education. Trakia University – Stara Zagora has legitimate institutional accreditation by resolution of the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers. Graduate students receive a diploma stamped with the state coat of arms of the Republic of Bulgaria. There are 4 faculties with 14 majors, 5 colleges with 11 majors and Department for information in-service teacher training. More than 4 000 students are trained at the University, incl. 300 foreign students from 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


The beginning of higher agrarian education in Bulgaria dates back to 1921 when a faculty of Agronomy was established at Sofia University with three majors – plant growing , animal breeding and forestry. Since 1995 The Faculty of Agriculture along with the Training experimental farm has been within the structure of Trakia University. The Academic staff of the Faculty comprises a total of 108 lecturers, of which 7 full professors, 57 associate professors and 44 assistant professors working at 11 departments. From the lecturers at the faculty of Agriculture there are four DSc and eighty-four are PhD.

Majors: Animal breeding, Agronomy, Ecology and environmental protection, Agrarian economy, Regional planning and development of rural areas, Agrarian engineering

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine future veterinary surgeons are trained able to manage, organize and implement the entire heath care work – prevention, therapy and retaining the productivity of farm animals, pets (companion animals), game, bees, silk worms and fish, as well as for free-lance (private) veterinary medical practice. The main spheres of vocational accomplishments of veterinary surgeons are the structures of the National Veterinary Medical Office (district and regional veterinary surgeries, the system of national veterinary and border control, etc.), specialized offices at the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior, scientific and research institutes and stations at the Agricultural Academy and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, etc. The solid training of veterinary surgeons who have graduated the Faculty gives them a possibility to get accomplishment in other spheres of the national economy and its management, too. A significant part of Bulgarian veterinary surgeons work in various countries all over the world and they are highly appreciated as specialists in health care both for the farm and pet animals. The training at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is in full conformity to the state requirements for acquiring higher education in the major Veterinary medicine and it takes place in the course of 5,5 years. The training is full-time studies and graduate students obtain vocational qualification “veterinary surgeon” and are awarded Master’s qualification degree. Those who have graduated with honours can continue their training to get PhD scientific degree.

The basic mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to answer the needs of human resources at the higher medical education, by providing medical doctors for the health system of Bulgaria. The second mission is to train foreign students. The Faculty of Medicine has 6 lecture halls, 42 seminar rooms in the pre-clinical departments, 13 in the clinical and diagnostic departments and 18 seminary rooms in the clinical departments. In the building where the dean’s office is there is a computer room for training, as well as an Internet room for students. In addition to that the Faculty has 85 laboratories and specialized training rooms with a total area of 2951 sq. m. The University hospital has 366 beds, 116 hospital rooms at a total area of 3286 sq. m. The University hospital comprises 8 operating rooms with an area of 256 sq. m. and 23 consulting specialized rooms. The sports facilities of the Faculty of Medicine are two gyms, one fitness room, one sports ground for football, basketball, volleyball, track-and-field events and a tennis court with Olympic size, an indoor swimming pool. The Faculty of Medicine has a library with tow big reading-rooms, an office for borrowing books and 7 book depositories. The library has a book-stock of over 40000 volumes. A total of over 250 medical journals in Bulgarian and in foreign languages are received by the library.

The Faculty of Pedagogy at Trakia University was established on 03 July 2002 ( Decree of the Council of Ministers 13 5, State Gazette No. 67/ 12 July 2002 ).

Majors for acquiring Bachelor’s qualification degree:

Major “Pre-school and elementary school teaching”
Major “Elementary school teaching and foreign language”
Major “Pre-school teaching and foreign language”
Major “Social pedagogy”
Major “Special pedagogy”

Master’s programs for acquiring Master’s qualification degree:

“Pre-school and elementary school teaching "
"Interaction pedagogy at the preparatory kindergarten group"
"Resource teacher"
"management of social and pedagogical organizations"

University website: Trakia University Stara Zagora

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