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Svishtov Academy of Economics D.A. Tsenov
Tsenov Academy of Economics - Svishtov
Svishtov Academy of Economics D.A. Tsenov

D.A.Tsenov Academy of Economics is an educational, scientific and cultural institution in the Republic of Bulgaria. The structure of the Academy includes four Faculties, with their related Departments, a Department of Social Sciences, Academic Centres and Offices, School of Economics and Management in Lovech, College of Economics and Management, Institute for Scientific Research, Academic Library, and Students' campus. The Academy has a competent academic staff of over 320 highly qualified professors, associate professors, assistant-professors and research workers training over 10 000 Bulgarian and foreign full-time, part-time and extramural courses' students. The Academy of Economics takes part in Programs of the European Union in collaboration with European Universities, Projects of International Funds for Scientific Research, Inter-university student training and multinational Projects for higher education.

Faculty Of Economic Accounting:
It was founded in 1953 as Accounting Faculty. Later, for the purpose of better presenting the characteristics and the subject of the comprising programs it was renamed into Faculty of Economy and Accounting. On the grounds of decision by the General Assembly of the Academy (Protocol No 1 dated Oct 24, 1991) the Faculty was renamed into Faculty of Economic Accounting. It consists of the following departments: Accounting, Economics and Financial Control, Analysis of Economic Activity, Mathematics and Statistics.

Faculty of Management and Marketing:
The Management and Marketing Faculty is one of the new structures of "D. A. Tsenov" Academy of Economics, It was created in 1991 and includes four departments "Management", "Strategic Planning and Marketing", "International Economic Relations" and "Automated Economic Data Processing". The faculty has a competent academic staff of 4 professors, 24 associate professors, and 25 assistant professors. Five of these hold a Ph.D. in the economic sci¬ences and 24 are doctors of economics. Within the faculty, students are trained for obtaining higher education in 6 functional economic subjects "International Economic relations", "Business Informatics", "Public Administration", "Forecasting and Planning", "Business Management", "Marketing". The forms and programs of studies provide high qualification and broad specialization for the realization of a successful career. Making use of the rich sources of information and innovative educational tech¬nologies, graduates develop skills to make effective mana¬gerial decisions.

Faculty of Production and Commercial Business:
The "Production and Commercial Business" faculty was created in 1991 with a resolution of the Academy Senate at "D. A. Tsenov" Academy of Economics. The main structures in the faculty are the departments of "Economy and Management of Industry", "Economy of Agriculture", "Commercial Business", "History, Philosophy and Sociology", "Law and Ecology".

University website: Tsenov Academy of Economics

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