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Silistra Province Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(15 companies found)
Alfrost Ltd
1. Alfrost Ltd
Food and Beverage Fruits and Vegetables
Frozen vegetables and fruits - eggplants, zuccini, peppers, tomatoes, apricots, plums etc.
Brevis Ltd.
2. Brevis Ltd.
Brevis Ltd. incorporated in 1998 as stripped sunflower seeds trader ,now produce , clean and export as well pumpkin seeds Lady nail ,coriander and black sunflower seeds.
3. BULDEX Ltd.
Food and Beverage Dairy products
BULDEX Ltd. is a family company whose main activity is the production of dairy produce. For its successful functioning and development care the owners – Dechevs’ Family. The Dairy is located on area of 4 decares, on the territory of The Village of Belitsa, (The Region ...[ ]
4. DESTAN Ltd.
Food and Beverage Dairy products
DESTAN Ltd. is a dairy company whose main activity is to produce white cheese and kashkaval (yellow cheese). Till 1994 "Destan" progressively builds up a name which fundamends keep an unbelievable taste and quality. During these years the company keeps his authority and ...[ ]
Didi Trade Group
5. Didi Trade Group
Agriculture manufacturers, processors and exporters of wheat flour, sunflower seeds, PR, LG, Favorit, Pumpkin seeds, Lady nails, Sunflower kernels, corn, wheat, barley, oil. DIDI TRADE GROUP (Didi - 07 ltd. and AKS - NEV ltd.) is a Bulgarian group of companies with major ...[ ]
Elicom electronic Ltd.
6. Elicom electronic Ltd.
Electrical Engineering
Elicom electronic Ltd. is the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of electronic scales. The company produces scales with load capacity from 3kg to 80tons, labels printers, fiscal devices and taximeters. All products are designed and manufactered under integrated Quality Management ...[ ]
Euro 2002
7. Euro 2002
Agriculture Horticulture
Euro 2002 LTD is a company, which basic activity is fruit growing. In our orchards we take care of various sorts of apricots, which we carefully gather, sort and prepare for export to different European and local markets. Due to the constant care for our orchards, we are able ...[ ]
Packaging industry
FAZERLES® - Silistra is a public joint stock company, founded in 1993. The company is assignee of the former state-owned factory for production of wood-based panels (hardboard) – the first factory of the former Lesopromishlen Kombinat, which started its production in ...[ ]
Hotel Rody
9. Hotel Rody
Tourism Hotels
Hotel Rodi is situated close to the central part of the town of Silistra. It is comfortable and easily-accessible by all guests of the town who have decided to visit it on business issues or tourism. The staff will make your stay comfortable and trouble-free. The hotel ...[ ]
Hotel Serdika
10. Hotel Serdika
Tourism Hotels
Our hotel complex opened on February 14, 2009. It is already a favorite place for relaxation of many of our fellow-citizens and visitors of the town. We also offer diverse cuisine since we aspire to satisfy the taste of each of our clients. We hope that the hospitable ...[ ]
Construction Doors and Windows
pvc - alumınıum doors and windows systems roller shutters garage doors horizontal-vertikal blinds roll blinds alumınıum hand rails
12. Kovachev
Kovachev Company is established in 1992 in Silistra initially as a copy center. In a few years its activity becomes mainly polygraphy, the company purchases its first printing machine Dominant 714 with a book binder and starts jobbing work, book printing, poster printing etc. ...[ ]
13. Merone
Food and Beverage Dairy products
"Merone" begins production in autumn 1992. During 1994, we began building a new factory in the industrial zone of Alfatar town. The factory started to work in 1996. All diary facilities are situated over the area of 4 400 square metres and include production, storing, living, ...[ ]
Electrical Engineering
ORGTECHNICA JSC is founded in 1964 . For a long years is only producer of cash registers in Bulgaria and one of the few in East Europe, also copying and multiplying means . At the beginn of the 80-th years the production of microprocess systems and elecronic- recording cash ...[ ]
Siloma JSC
15. Siloma JSC
Mechanical Engineering
Siloma JSC, established in 1965, is a company with 100% private capital. The main shareholder is Industrial Capital Holding JSC. Our company is specialized in engineering, production and distributing of hack and band saw cutting machines and systems. They are classified by ...[ ]
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