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Shumen University - Konstantin Preslavski - Bulgarian Universities
Shumen University - Konstantin Preslavski - Shoumen
Shumen University - Konstantin Preslavski - Bulgarian Universities

"Bishop Constantine of Preslav's University of Shoumen" has inherited a centuries-long educational tradition dating back to the famous Pliska and Preslav Literary School (10th c) and going on through the ages in Shumen intellectual life.

The University continues and enriches the mission of the Higher Educational Course, started 80 years ago, on the basis of which in 1964 a Faculty, as a branch of Sofia University, was founded. In 1971 it became a separate higher school with three basic faculties – philological, natural sciences and educational. At present Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen has five structural educational units (four faculties and a college in Dobrich), covering the main fields of the classical university science in the humanities, natural sciences and education. Education is based on curricula and syllabus for the educational qualification degrees specialist, bachelor and master in correspondence with the state regulatory documents.

The Postgraduate Education and Qualification Centre at the University provides the necessary conditions for retraining and higher qualification of specialists having graduated from colleges and higher education institutions. Faculties provide education for bachelor and master degrees.

6700 students at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen are studying in the specialties of the faculties of Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Education and the College of Education in Dobrich. There is also a Teacher Information and Qualification Department in Varna.

The University offers BA degree training in the following areas of higher education:
Humanities with the following majors:
o History
o Theology
o Bulgarian Studies
o Russian Studies
o English Studies
o German Studies
o Turkish Studies
o Archaeology
o Applied Linguistics
Social, Economic and Law Studies :
o Psychology
o Journalism
o Social Activities
o Economics
o Tourism
Natural, Mathematical and Computer Sciences:
o Mathematics
o Physics
o Chemistry
o Astronomy
o Ecology and Environmental Protection
o Information Technologies
Technical Sciences:
o Geodesy
Agrarian Sciences and Veterinary Medicine:
o Plant Protection
Education Sciences:
o Education Management
o Education Studies
o Primary School Education with Foreign Language Study
o Pre-School Education and Primary School Education
o Special Education
o Social Education
o Fine Arts Education
o Music Education
o Bulgarian Language and History
o Bulgarian and Russian Languages
o History and Geography
o Mathematics and Computer Science
o Physics and Mathematics
o Chemistry and Physics
o Biology and Chemistry
o Biology and Physics
o Geography and Biology
o Chemistry and Environmental Protection
o Physical Education
o Polytechnics Education
The College of Education in Dobrich offers training in the education and qualification degree specialist in the following fields of study:
o Pre-School Education with Foreign Language Study
o Pre-School Education
o Primary School Education
o Information Technologies
o Library and Information Services
o Primary School Education with Foreign Language Study
There are opportunities for students to study another major or minor specialty along with their major course of study.
Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen offers education in the following master degree programs:
o Bulgarian Studies – Linguistics
o Bulgarian Studies – Paleoslavonic Studies
o Bulgarian Studies – Literary Theory
o Bulgarian Studies – History of Literature
o Bulgarian Studies – Linguistics and Mass Communications
o English Studies – Linguistics and Translation
o German Studies – Linguistics and Translation
o Russian Studies – Linguistics and Translation
o Russian Studies – Russian Literature and Culture
o Turkish Studies – Intercultural Relations (Turkey and Russia – Culture and Communication)
o History – Antiquity and Middle Ages
o History – Modern History
o History – Archaeology
o History – Numismatics and Sigillography
o Theology – Historical Biblical Theology
o Theology – Systemic Theology
o Informatics – System Administration
o Informatics – Economic Informatics
o Economics – Marketing
o Physics – Medical Physics and Radioecology
o Physics – Astrophysics
o Chemistry – Organic Chemistry
o Chemistry – Disperse Systems
o Biology – Medicinal and Poisonous Plants
o Biology - Clinical Biology
o Biology – Management of Protected Territories and Hunting Resources
o Ecology – Ecology and Environmental Protection
o Tourism – Tourism
o Tourism – Hotel and Restaurant Organization Management
o Education Management – Education Management
o Education – Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
o Education – Civic and Intercultural Education
o Education – Methodology of Teaching Plastic Arts
o Education – Music Education
o Pre-school and Primary School Education
o Didactic Models for Cognitive, Social and Physical Development
o Special Education – Diagnostics and Correction of Communicative Disorders
o Special Education – Pedagogical Rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged People
o Social Education – Social Work with Refugees
o Social Education – Social Administration
o Psychology – Psychology
o Geography – Regional Development and Management
The Distance Learning Centre offers the following MA degree courses:
o Public Administration
o Regional Management and Development
o Tourism
o Sport Animation in Tourism

There are 525 full-time lecturers, out of which 264 professors and associate professors; 18 lecturers with Dr.Habil. degrees; 176 with doctoral degrees; there are 61 part-time professors and associate professors from other universities and from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen has 32 Doctors Honoris Causa.

Research work is carried out by fundamental and applied studies in Old Bulgarian Studies, Theory and History of the Bulgarian Language, Applied Linguistics, Theory and History of Bulgarian Literature, Biblical Studies, Bulgarian Christian Art, History of Bulgaria, General History, Banach’s Algebras, Theory of Groups, Coding, Functional Analysis, Organic and Non-Organic Synthesis, Agro-chemistry, Physics of Aerosols, Astrophysics, Physics of the Plasma, Crystal Optics, Ecology, Microbiology, Phosphorus Organic Chemistry, Element Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, etc. Preslav Literary School is well-known to academic circles in Bulgaria and abroad as a centre for research in the field of Medieval Studies. Active research work is carried out in the Educational Research Centre, Applied Linguistics Laboratory, Iconography Laboratory, Computer Methods in Archaeology Laboratory, The Astronomy Centre, etc. The University also has a Centre for Bulgarian Language Teaching to Foreigners. Shumen University Library book-stock rates second among all university libraries in the country because of its early printed books and microfilms of missing early printed references in Bulgaria. The Library also has book-stocks donated by the British Council and Goethe Institute, as well as a reading-room, founded with the help of the British Council. The University academic staff has contributed significantly to various branches of the academia and has participated in a number of international educational and academic projects. The students of Shumen University have two canteens, four students’ halls of residence with more than 1000 beds, and places for recreation.

FACULTY OF HUMANITIES offers the following profiles: Bulgarian Studies, Journalism, English Studies, German Studies, Russian Studies, Turkish Studies, Applied Linguistics, Theology, History, Archaeology, Bulgarian Language and History, Bulgarian and Russian Languages, History and Geography, National Security

FACULTY OF MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE offers the following profiles: Mathematics, Information Technologies, Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics

FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCES offers the following profiles: Physics, Chemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Protection, Biology and Physics, Astronomy, Biology and Chemistry, Polytechnics Education, Geography and Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Plant Protection, Tourism

FACULTY OF EDUCATION offers the following profiles: Preschool and Primary School Education, Preschool Education with a Foreign Language Teaching, Preschool Education with a Foreign Lnaguage Teaching, Special Education, Social Education, Social Services, Education, Psychology, Management of Education, Music, Fine Arts, Physical Education

FACULTY OF TECHNICAL STUDIES offers the following profiles: Engineering Logistics, Communication and Information Systems, Radiolocation and Technologies, Geodesy

University website: Shumen University - Konstantin Preslavski

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