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Razgrad - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria
Razgrad - City and District Information
Razgrad - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria

Razgrad Basic Data

City Population: 38,515
District Population: 152,443
Area size: 2,633 square km.
Places of interest: Razgrad, Isperih, Koubrat

Razgrad General Information
Razgrad municipality is situated along the valley of the Beli Lom River in the direction southeast - northwest, 60 km away from Rousse, 130 km away from Varna, 55 km away from Shoumen and 36 km away from Targovishte. The district borders Rousse, Targovishte, Shoumen and Silistra regions.

Razgrad has for many centuries been a natural crossroads, crossed by important road arteries, connecting Central Europe with the Black Sea region and Asia. The first class road Rousse - Varna and a railway line, which are the shortest strategic connection between the Danube and the Black Sea, pass through the municipality's administrative centre.

The town is ethnically diversified having 66% Bulgarian, 30% Turkish and 4% Roma population.

Razgrad dates back from Thracial times. Centuries after that, the Romans build a town-fortress called Arbitrus. They have left us a heritage – 4 kg of pure gold – Bulgaria’s biggest gold coin treasure. There is another cultural heritage in the district – unique Thracian tomb, which is in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage.

Razgrad Economy
The structuring branches of the municipality's economy are: the pharmaceutical, the silicate, the food, tobacco and beverage industries, other industries, farming and forestry, commerce and services, tourism.

The Razgrad municipality is situated on an area of 598 378 decares. The agricultural territories occupy 424 388 decares and constitute 71% of the total area. Grey forest soils and black earth prevail in the municipality. Consolidated farm land is cultivated by cooperatives founded by the territorial principle, by renting and leasing. Few farmers work their own land. The grain production is very well developed in the municipality. The cereals occupy about 51% of the total cultivated land and entirely cover the grain balance necessary for the feeding of the population. The industrial crops - sunflowers, tobacco, sugar beet and oil-seed rape, occupy about 25% of the cultivated areas. The percentage of the other crops is as follows: Fodder crops - 17%, Vegetables - 2.5%,
Perennial plants - 1%, Medicinal plants (mustard, caraway, coriander, etc.) - 2%,
Deserted and inclined terrains - 1.5%. The family tobacco-growing has been restored, especially in the municipality's larger villages -Dyankovo, Osenets, Mortagonovo and Yasenovets.

The restoration of the vineyards and orchards is a priority task.

Razgrad is known as a centre of the pharmaceutical industry. The leading enterprise is the "Balkanpharma - Razgrad" JSC. The kaolin deposits and the immediate proximity of the production base of "Kaolin" JSC to them predetermine the development of the silicate industry. The firm "Diamant" JSC produces sheet, reinforced, ornamental and water glass, mirrors, household and fine porcelain.

Leading enterprises in the farming branch are: Amilum - Bulgaria JSC, Mlechna Promishlenost - Razgrad Ltd. (Dairying Industry), Perseus Oil JSC, Mlin - Razgrad JSC
Messokombinat - Razgrad JSC (Meat-Packing House), Pilko BS Ltd.

Other industrial enterprises:

Drouzhba JSC - pistons and segments for the car industry and aluminium alloys.
Orel - Razgrad JSC - cotton knitwear and ready-made clothes.
Micro - Razgrad JSC - children's toys, ski bindings and beach sunshades.
Himik JSC - inorganic salts, paints, adhesives.
Zornitsa Ltd. - ladies', men's and baby's shoes.
The building enterprises are represented by Stroitel JSC, Stroimontazh JSC, Abritus Ltd., Patno Stroitelstvo JSC (Road Construction), Vodno Stopanstvo Ltd. (Water Economy), Loudogorie Ltd.
The last years' tendency in the municipality's economy is towards an increase of the private sector's percentage.

After the land restitution, an opportunity was given for the development of the small and medium-sized business. Small processing enterprises - dairies, slaughterhouses and sausage workshops - were founded in the villages of Kichenitsa, Lipnik, Dyankovo and Yassenovets.

There is a potential for the foundation of new small enterprises for the production of auxiliary products for the existing industrial enterprises - packages, crates, pallets etc.

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