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Varna Medical University - Bulgarian Universities
Varna Medical University - Varna
Varna Medical University - Bulgarian Universities

Medical University-Varna was established in 1961 by a decree of the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria as a pursuant to Higher Medical Institute. In 1995 the latter was transformed to Medical University. This establishment is the third largest Medical University in the country and aims at providing adequate healthcare for people living in this Northeastern Bulgaria. For more than forty years the reality of Health becomes a part of students, researchers, instructors and specialists life thanks to this University. Plenty of incredible persons and specialists have left their unique presence in the Medical University of Varna. Although quoting would be difficult, the university staff keeps their decrees of professional work and persistence, ethics, mission and last but not least the excessive humanity. Since its establishment, 8351 Bulgarians and 977 foreign students from 45 countries have graduated from Varna Medical University.


The Faculty of Medicine in Medical university-Varna was established by Council of Ministers decree -166/20.06.2001. The faculty of Medicine is the University’s fundamental division which incorporates 15 departments and trains students in the field of Medicine for master degrees. It also trains PhDs and carries out Post-Graduate Education in wide range of fields. The faculty of Medicine consists of 246 academic members and 78 of them are having academic rank. Its Faculty Council comprises 33 members.


The Faculty of Public Health was established by decree 160 in June 2001 by the Council of Ministers because of the increasing necessity due to serious health and social problems. The Faculty of Public Health is a major division in Medical University-Varna which incorporates 8 departments. It has a leading role in education and training in the following profiles:
• Healthcare Management - both Bachelor and Master degrees
• Public Heath -Master degree
• Healthcare services - Bachelor degree

The Public Health Faculty trains PhDs and carries out Postgraduate Education in a wide range of fields. The academic membership of this Faculty consists of...lecturers, 23 of them having academic rank. The Faculty Council of Public Health Faculty consists of 28 members.

University website: Varna Medical University

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