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Golden Sands - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Golden Sands - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Golden Sands - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Golden Sands summer resort is the most popular resort on the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is situated 18 km north from Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria. Golden Sands is practically connected to Varna because is the distance between the two is a chain of houses, villas and resorts. The resort borders a National Park, also called Golden Sands, a protected territory from 1943. The beach at Golden sands is 3.5 km long and 100m wide. The summer starts in May and ends in December, the temperature of the water is really pleasant, sometimes reaching up to 25 C. The resort is very popular among the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is also a popular destination for Germany, Russia, The United Kingdom, France, Israel and many other countries.

The legend about the creation of Golden Sands is that pirates, looking for a place to hide a golden treasure, dug it exactly where Golden Sands is now. What happened after that was that the land took it and turned it into sand, mild and white, crystal clear wonderful sand. The idea of having a Black Sea Resort, situated where Golden Sands stands now was developed in the 50s of the previous century. There was a big lake then which was a natural habitat for sea turtles. The construction of the resort started in 1956 and took 10 years to be finalized. Of course, Golden Sands was extremely popular investment destination since 1990. The idea was Bulgaria to have a modern European sea resort attracting many tourists. Over 500 million EUR have been investing in renovating and improving Golden Sands. The result is that today there are more than 70 hotels with 30,000 beds, 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants offering all kinds of seafood, innovative meals as well as traditional Bulgarian dishes; there are also casinos, spa centres, shopping centres, etc. All kinds of different sport activities are possible in Golden Sands: beach volleyball, mini golf, tennis, jet skiing, windsurfing, wake-surfing, and scuba-diving, yachting, basketball, horse riding, bowling, paintball, etc. Aquapolis Water Park, the biggest water park in Bulgaria, is located at the heart of Golden Sands. Balneological tourism is developed in Golden Sands for the resort is rich in mineral water springs. The natural resources combined with newly established modern base makes Golden Sands a popular recreation and relaxation centre. There are various balneological programs offering different treatments from Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Golden Sands merges with Riviera resort and St. St. Konstantin and Elena resort.

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The biggest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Varna is situated 470 km east of Sofia. In the course of more than 7 millennia, the Gulf of Varna has been the cradle of several significant civilizations - humankind's oldest gold was excavated in Varna, created by people who inhabited that place around the 4th millennium BC and long before the Thracians, Greeks, Bulgarians and Turks.

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