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GO AHEAD Bulgarian Event Management Company in Sofia

GO AHEAD Business Card


Event Management
Sofia, Sofia City

Akad. Georgi Bonchev 6 Str.

Tel: +359 2 971 35 73, +359 899 19 81 69
Fax: +359 2 873 95 45

GO AHEAD Business Description

“GO AHEAD” is founded and managed by Gergana Todorova. The team was formed in 2007 and it consists of professionals who get experience in different areas: event organisation, philologists, PR-specialist, decorator, specialist – graphic design.

Because of increased inquiries, from the middle of 2008, GO AHEAD expands its activities and also services private customers as organisation of family parties and social events.

The Method of working established in the company is every project to be serviced with the assistance of Project Manager who supports the client in the whole working process. So the communication between client and company is focused on one point – saving time in the active participation of larger number of specialists from the different departments: ‘Trade’, ‘Creative’, ‘Realization’ and ‘Administrative’.

The Process of developing of a given project starts making clear its goals and resources. This stage is focused on filling in an question form and ends with an initial offer, which is the concrete idea of GO AHEAD in preparation and carrying out the event, and also the main distribution of the budget.

After the signing of the contract project Manager meets the client with representatives of Creative department, which make short presentation materials in three variants for carrying out the event. The Trade department actualises the price information and calculates the final offer for each of the variant. After confirmation by the client our creative group develops the idea, writes the scrip and its texts, and also creates all printed and electronic materials.

The final product is organised by the department ‘Realization’ and again and under the supervision of the Project Manager. This team gets the responsibility of all details to organisation and carrying out the event. It is obliged to follow some parts of the task, and also contracting and control of suppliers. On the day of the event all members of the team are on client disposal.

Our administrative department takes care for the formation all report documents on time, assurance of guarantees, communication with institutions and partners.

After the end of the event the Project Manager prepares a written analysis of achieve. The analysis is formed obligatory and free close to a GO AHEAD model. A project file is being kept in order to make our future work for the same client easier.

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