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Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd Energy Company in Plovdiv

Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd Business Card

Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd

Plovdiv, Plovdiv Province
Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd

9 "Sedyanka" street
4003 Plovdiv

Tel: +359 32 969 280
Fax: +359 32 969 281

Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd Business Description

We perform rehabilitation, electrical, electrical construction and installation of primary and secondary switching in power systems; Building air and cable lines from 0.4 to 400 kV; Manufacture and installation of transformer / integrated transformers /; Commissioning works; Implementation of industrial and residential lighting, electrical power and signal installations; Removal and recycling of electric boards; Supply of switchgear N.N; Measurements related to occupational safety; Accounting for electricity consumed by customers;

Company Electrolux Tabakov and Sons Ltd has highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in design, rehabilitation and operation, commissioning works of electric equipment in substations, transformer stations, OHL, KL and hydropower - primary and secondary switching.


The total number of our employees is 520 people, the vast experience of our employees has been gained in the NEC system, emus, PMU, Electrical ET Nicolas Tabakov Electrolux. The high qualification qualifications and education - staff who have the V-th and the IV-th qualifying group on occupational safety is a guarantee of competence and professional experience!


Our items carry the mark of professionalism and quality consistent with the application system for quality management ISO 9001:2008.
Strict compliance with the requirements and OHSAS 18001:2002 for health and safety.
We are currently working on implementation of ISO 14001:2004.


The company is accredited as a "body control" of type "C" of Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service for measurements of phase - earth loop impedance, earthing resistance, and insulation resistance.

We have good technical equipment and inventory for all types of electrical activities.
Our company has its own office, industrial and warehouse space, office area is located 302 m in the center of Plovdiv, the main production base of 8,860 sq m is located near the city of Plovdiv on the road to the village of Iron.

We have also office and commercial buildings in Ravda and Rouen, has offices and warehouse space for rent in Sofia, Dobrich, Shumen, Razgrad, Targovishte, Silistra.

• Vans - 28.
• Heavy truck Mercedes 508 - 1 pc.
• Crane V90, boom 16m - 1 pc.
• Mobile cranes to 16 tons - 1.
• Mobile cranes to 25 tons - 1.
• Freight pickup Mitsubishi - 1.
• Freight pickup Volkswagen - 1.
• Freight pickup Toyota - 1.
• Freight Truck "GAS" 330273-111 - 1.
• Freight Truck "GAS" 27527-314 - 1.
• concrete mixer-6 cubic meters - 1.
• aerial platform, 11 meters - 2.
• aerial platform, 28 meters - 2.
• Ride - 1.
• dump truck - 1.
• Excavator - 2 pcs.
• Bulldozer - 2.
• Cars - 32 pcs.
• Self-propelled hydraulic platforms - 2.

We have a rolling machines for the production of cold sections, folding - 3., Guillotine -2 pc., Lathe-2 pcs., A professional unit for spot welding, hydraulic press, oven powder coating size 5000h1000h1000, electrostatic gun - 2 ., welding sets with carbon dioxide - 2., pneumatic nitachki, drill column - 5., diesel engines - 12., kerbovachni tongs, winch, terfori, aluminum ladders - 7-12m, carrier ropes, rollers, tamping machines , machines for cutting asphalt and concrete, concrete vibrators, etc..

Technical equipment for carrying out construction work includes the necessary transmission instrumental technique: electric welding machines, small and large grinders, drills and impact drills and hammers, hammers, cutting power saws, pliers kerbovachni, hydraulic guns, pneumatic presses and other necessary small tools.

We have different types of appliances, utensils and equipment, enabling us to perform laboratory measurements and commissioning works.

For the last few years company Electrolux - Tabakov and Sons Ltd. has drawn hundreds of municipal and industrial switchboards, control and relay cabinets and integrated capacitor devices.

As a "body control" of type "C" we have issued numerous certificates and protocols for control.

The company provides subscription services for 46 pcs. industrial consumers.

The best reference for quality of work performed by us is that after the transfer of objects and put them into service, so far not received any complaint.

Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd Company Images

Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest Electrolux Tabakov & Sons Ltd  - Invest 

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