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Kauchuk J.S. Co Chemical Company in Sofia

Kauchuk J.S. Co Business Card

Kauchuk  J.S. Co

Sofia, Sofia City
Kauchuk J.S. Co

2 Stefan Karadja Str.
1000 Sofia

Tel: + 359 34 445 109
Fax: +359 34 445 088

Kauchuk J.S. Co Business Description

Kauchuk J.S. Co. Is the biggest producer of rubber products in was established in 1930 as a bulgaria-belgian company and in 1981 on a new area of 313 730 sq.m. A new plant was putted into operation.kauchuk Is a producer of conveyor belts, rubber hoses, reclaimed rubber and a large variety of rubber technical goods. The annual production is at the rate of 600 000 l.m. conveyor belts, 5 000 000 l.m. rubber hoses and 1000 tones reclaimed rubber.

The equipment gives the possibility to be produced conveyor belts with width of 500 mm up to 2500 mm and thickness up to 25 mm used to convey materials in bulk or separate loads with different abrasiveness, with tensile strenght from 80 n/mm up to 3500 n/mm. Depending o n the conditions of exploatation the conveyor belts have a difderant number of textile ( ep and pp ) plies / metalcord fleximat type ( iwr ) and are with smooth and chevron surface.

Depending on the rubber cover, kauchuk produces belts with special decignation : heat-resistant, fire-resistant, antistatic, oil-resistant and cold-resistant. Different types of rubber sheets : normal, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, abrasion-resistant and electric insulation are produced in the company as well.

Another important production of the company are rubber hoses with diameter of 6 mm up to 250 mm, operating under pressure and vacuum - for water; air; gas welding; saturated steam; hot water; petroleum and mineral oils; bensine, kerosine and gas oil; liquid food; acids and alkali; powdered and abrasive materials - applicable in all industrial branches.

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