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Bulgarian Wine Producers
(32 Bulgarian Wine producers Companies)
Santa Sarah
11. Santa Sarah
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Santa Sarah estate owns 40 hectare of land in the village of Goritza near Pomorie and Nesebar in the Southern part of the Black Sea. A new vineyard with a small and beautifully modern winery will be established there. 80% of Santa Sarah’s wine production is sold in Germany, ...[ ]
Struma Wine Company PLC
12. Struma Wine Company PLC
Food and Beverage Wine producers
The Turtle Hill estate is a new Bulgarian wine producer. Our mission is to showcase our quality wines from Bulgaria’s Struma River valley to the world. The region’s unique climate and soil have been known since Roman times. The area benefits from long, hot and dry summers ...[ ]
Svishtov Winery Inc.
13. Svishtov Winery Inc.
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Svishtov Winery Inc. has been established in 1948 as a successor of the State Spirit Monopoly. It is a modern winemaking enterprise, located in the Eastern part of Svishtov on 5.5 ha area where the main facilities of company are built. There are primary winemaking and aging ...[ ]
Svoboda Winery
14. Svoboda Winery
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Svoboda Winery is a small wine cellar, located in the centre of Bulgaria, 10 km southeast of the town of Chirpan, in a countryside with deeply rooted traditions in vine-growing and wine-making. We make wine from grapes grown in our own vineyards, processed with great care and ...[ ]
15. Telish
Food and Beverage Wine producers
We are proud to belong to the new generation of Bulgarian winemakers. We own two wineries: Telish Winery and Castra Rubra Winery. We are based in the region of Southern Sakar, in a village called Kolarovo – magnificent place with a huge potential for growing the best grapes.
Terra Tangra
16. Terra Tangra
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Terra Tangra came on the international wine scene several years ago and quickly gained recognition for its powerful yet elegant style both on the nose and on the palate. It has won numerous prestigious awards from International competitions, setting a new landmark in modern ...[ ]
Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar
17. Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar is specialized in production of high quality red wines of "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" grape varieties in boutique series of limited quantity. The cellar is situated in one of the symbolic for the Bulgarian wine production villages - ...[ ]
Villa Lyubimets
18. Villa Lyubimets
Food and Beverage Wine producers
"Villa Hisar" and "Villa Lyubimets" are trademarks of VERTIKAL company for producing of high quality red and white wines. They appeared on Bulgarian market five years ago when along the region of Lyubimets and Hissar were planted first vines, and the products were named after ...[ ]
Villa Vinifera
19. Villa Vinifera
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Winery "Villa Vinifera" is located in the picturesque village Brestovitza near Plovdiv. Built in the distant 1936 "Villa Vinifera" still retains its original appearance. It consists of overground compartment for processing and fermentation, section for young wines, a ...[ ]
Vinex Preslav
20. Vinex Preslav
Veliki Preslav
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Vinex Preslav wins recognition as one of the most dynamic producers in the field, leader in the production of high quality white wines and wine brandy. Our company covers three very well-known microregions: Veliki Preslav, Khan Krum and Novi Pazar. Annually, Vinex Preslav ...[ ]

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