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Bourgas Free University - Bulgarian Universities
Bourgas Free University - Bourgas
Bourgas Free University - Bulgarian Universities

Faculty for Legal Studies :

The Faculty for Legal Studies is the first unit in the structure of Bourgas Free University and the second of its kind established in Bulgaria after the Faculty of Law of St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. It was constituted in 1990 on the initiative and with the cooperation of prominent scientists from the Institute of Legal Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and the Faculty of Law of St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University.

At present there are over 1,300 full-time and part-time students at the Faculty of Law. In 1995 the first alumni graduated the Faculty; until now there are eight batches of graduates of the Law Program.

Within the structure of the Faculty of Law there are the following program councils: ‘Public Law’, ‘Private Law’ and ‘Theory of Law and Public Studies’.

The Faculty of Law is the only one in the country that gives priority to the training in Public Law and International Law Studies. The Faculty offers an internal specialization in Refugees Law. It has signed a long-term program for cooperation with the Bulgarian Association of International Law and the Institute of International Law – Sofia. The Faculty of Law has developed cooperation scientific activities with legal faculties of the Universities in Cambridge, London, Brussels, Gratz, Helsinki and Amsterdam. It has been a project-partner in the TEMPUS-PHARE JEPs “Logic of Democracy”, “Establishment of a Local Government Training Network”, “Introducing Alternatives to Imprisonment” together with universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Ireland.

Faculty for Business Studies:

The Faculty for Business Studies is a basic unit of the structure of Bourgas Free University. It comprises majors in the field of economics and business administration and trains specialists for the needs of industry, trade, banks and the other economic spheres, as well as for the needs of government institutions.

The Faculty for Business Studies is the biggest one in the structure of Bourgas Free University. At present there are 2,300 students trained in bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs on the majors of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management and Tourism, which prepares specialists for the needs of industry, trade, the financial sector, services and government facilities. The curricula and programs of study are in compliance with the state requirements. The organisation of the educational process and the teaching methods conform to the ones applied in the leading universities in Western Europe and the USA.

The Faculty for Business Studies has signed agreements for cooperation and has been working on joint projects together with the following universities: the American University Huron in London, the University of Barcelona, the University of Liverpool, the Technical University of Chemnitz, Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Cork in Ireland, the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, the International Business Academy – Moscow, and Trakya University in Edirne. The international contacts and the participation in joint educational projects, financed by the European Union, give the possibility for part of the students in the Faculty to continue their training abroad.

Faculty for Engineering and Computer Science Studies:

The process of studying at the Faculty for Engineering and Computer Science Studies is organised in compliance with the international standards for specialists reading for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees and reflects up-to-date trends in higher education. Training is conducted by teams which are guided by lecturers with academic rank from Bourgas Free University, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and local universities where students are trained in the same subjects. The curricula conform to the By-law for the unified state requirements for acquiring higher education.

All students have free access to internet at the computer classes and specialised laboratories. Courses providing the opportunity for system administrators to obtain international certification are held within CISCO academy at the Faculty. While studying or after their graduation the students from the Faculty for Computer Science, Engineering and Natural Studies can acquire qualification pedagogy in the respective subject.

Faculty for Humanities:

The Faculty for Humanities provides training for students and prepares specialists with humanitarian orientation – school teachers, such as kindergarden teachers, primary school teachers, teachers in Bulgarian Language and Literature and in West-European languages, journalists, image-makers (specialists in Public Relations), social workers, speech therapists, interpreters/translators, etc. The main goal of the Faculty is to provide students and teaching staff with good conditions for preparation, qualification and research that are equivalent to the standards of leading universities.

Students in all majors at the Faculty for Humanities can apply for the optional profiles “Journalism” and “Library Studies”.
Specialists in mass media are trained in the Journalism Department. Subjects on theory and history of communication, public relations, basic methods and thematic profiles are included in the curriculum. One-month summer practice in the press, the radio and the television is also envisaged. Specialists in “Library Studies” acquire specialised and managerial knowledge and skills in the field of publishing. Students from Bulgarian Philology Major can acquire a second Journalism Major.
University website: Bourgas Free University

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