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Primavet-Sofia Ltd. Beekeeping Company in Sofia

Primavet-Sofia Ltd. Business Card

Primavet-Sofia Ltd.

Agriculture Beekeeping
Sofia, Sofia City
Primavet-Sofia Ltd.

1528 Sofia P. Box 9

Tel: +359 2 931 81 41
Fax: +359 2 931 81 41

Primavet-Sofia Ltd. Business Description

Primavet – Sofia Ltd. was established in 1993 with scope of activity – development, production and trade in pharmaceutical products, food for animals and also cosmetic products for animals and humans.
Highly-qualified veterinary surgeons, chemists and biotechnologists, and also well-trained technological personnel work in the company. Scientific workers from National Diagnostic and Research Veterinary Medical Institute, Trakia University - Stara Zagora, Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University – Sofia and also from the universities in Belgrade, Serbia, Thessalonika, Greece and Bursa, Turkey, participate in the development of the products.

Over 30 veterinary medicinal products, over 10 cosmetic and dental products for pets were developed and released into production for the past period, and also some supplemental and special forages for animals and cosmetics for humans with bee products.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by GMP, HACCP.
The Quality Management System of the company is certified as per ISO 9001-2008.

The company regularly participates in national and international specialized scientific forums, exhibitions and fairs. Over 75 scientific articles, reports and product announcements were published for Primavet – Sofia Ltd.
The veterinary medicinal products created and produced are well-accepted by the users and are being mentioned in the specialized literatures – textbooks, manuals, encyclopaedias.

The registration and the export to 15 countries on three continents prove the great interest in the company’s products. Forthcoming are registrations in another five states and some other countries show interest at any scientific and trade forum.

In the last ten years the company specialized itself, achieving exceptional success, in the field of the veterinary medicinal products for bees and it developed a series of products to solve the main problems of bee health care. These are the prophylaxis and treatment of varroatosis, nosematosis, chalky and stone brood, and also a series of supplemental combined forages for bees. The qualities of the products for bees /efficiency, a form convenient for application, accessibility and attractive prices/ make them popular among the bee-keepers. The products of Vita Europe, England, for diagnostics of foulbrood diseases, fight with wax moth and biostimulants are implemented in the beekeeping practice in Bulgaria.

The company issues the Newsletter ‘Healthy Bee’ – it is specialized on the problems of health care of bees and it has own columns in several beekeeping magazines.

The company supports all the national events for the beekeeping development in Bulgaria.

The company experts read over 200 lectures on problems of bee family health care in the country and abroad.

Primavet – Sofia Ltd. presents the results from its workings out of new products at international scientific forum in the field of beekeeping
Primavet-Sofia Ltd.’s development

1993 The company was established.
1994 Beginning of innovation activity.
Beginning of production of veterinary medicinal products and cosmetics for pets.
First veterinary medicinal product registered.
1997 Development and production of a series of cosmetic products with bee honey and propolis.
1998 Varostop – strips – the first registered product for bees
1999 Training in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the pharmaceutical production with a guest-lecturer from the USA, development and implementation of GMP
2000 GMP Certificate for veterinary medicinal products production.
2000 Beginning of the construction of a production building.
2001 Issue № 1 of ‘Healthy Bee’ Newsletter.
2001 Bulvetmedica International Exhibition - First Prize
2002 Patent for Ecostop – plates
2002 Bulvetmedica International Exhibition - First Prize.
2003 Exploitation Permit and GMP Certificate for production of veterinary medicinal products for the newly-built production building.
2006 International Symposium under the aegis of Apimondia – Honorary Prize
2006 Certificate for production of supplemental combined forages for bees
2007 International Exhibition in Pleven “Partner Expo – 2007” – The Grand Prize for innovation in beekeeping with “The Wing of Success”.
2007 Issued ‘Healthy Bee’ Newsletter in English
2007 Issued ‘Healthy Bee’ Newsletter in Turkish.
2007 Veterinary medicinal products are registered in Chile, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania and the beginning of their export and use in these countries
2008 Issued ‘Healthy Bee’ Newsletter in Romanian and Ukrainian
2008 International Fest of Honey, Nesebar, Bulgaria – Prize for contribution to health care of bees
2009 Certificate for production of forages of special use
2009 Certificate for ISO 9001-2000.
2009 15 years of production and trade activity
2010 Silver Medal of the Union of Inventors and Patent Office in Bulgaria
2010 Veterinary products are registered for use in Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Hungary
2011 International Exhibition in Pleven “Partner Expo – 2011” - Award for the most attractive presentation of the exhibition.
2011 Veterinary products are registered in Macedonia and Lithuania
2011 First Prize for Innovative Enterprise in 2010 by the Seventh National Innovative competition

Research and Development

The establishment of Primavet – Sofia Ltd. is the initial date of the company’s innovation activity. The company’s experts in cooperation with the research workers from scientific centers develop the technological parameters of the new products, perform laboratory and clinical tests. The results are being summarized in production and registration documentation as per the provisions of the laws in force.
Thus, products that solve problems of prophylaxis and treatment of acute diseases such as varroatosis, nosematosis, ascosphaerosis and for biological stimulation were developed in the field of the beekeeping.

Innovation projects accomplished:
- Research projects – over 30
Including international ones - 3
- Research of new products – over 40
- Developed technologies - over 30
- Developed products – over 40
- Established trade marks - 21
- Patents – 1
- PhD dissertation working out – 1
- Graduation projects - 5
- Received certificates for specializations - 32
- Prizes and diplomas for products - 31


"Primavet-Sofia" Ltd. carries out commercial activities in apiculture products, products for companion animals and livestock.
We are producing also nutritional supplements for animals and cosmetics from bee products. The products produced by Primavet – Sofia Ltd. are well-known, appreciated and used by our customers in Bulgaria; a part of the Primavet – Sofia Ltd’s production is being offered on the beekeeping markets in Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Chile and is familiar to the beekeepers in Macedonia, Serbia, Rumania, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Denmark, Cyprus, Iraq, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary, the Philippines, Albania.
Primavet – Sofia Ltd. provides to the beekeepers from Bulgaria with products of high quality produced by VITA (Europe) Ltd., Great Britain, and of Civan Ltd, Turkey.
The company’s experts are permanently in touch with the beekeepers in Bulgaria. Each year more than 50 presentations of Primavet – Sofia Ltd’s products are being performed. The company sponsors and participates in all the trade exhibitions in the country. The beekeepers receive trade information from the ‘Healthy Bee’ Bulletin (Newsletter) twice a year.
Our company took part in exhibitions , flanking World Congress of beekeeping exhibitions - in Ljubljana and in Montpellier. Now we are preparing our participation in Apiekspo in Buenos Aires.











Primavet – Sofia won recognition in Bulgaria as main manufacturer of veterinary medicinal products, stimulants and food for bee families

Primavet – Sofia works with a highly-qualified production team in an own production site of 1 200 square meters area and equipped with modern machineries.

The company produces effective veterinary medicinal products for prophylaxis and treatment of bee families, accompanying and productive animals.

The production list includes 35 products of own development, 9 of which are products for bees.

The production of Primavet – Sofia is in compliance with the requirements of GMP and HACCP.

The company’s Quality Management System is certified as per ISO 9001-2008.


Veterinary medicinal products for bees – 5
Stimulants and food for bees – 4
Veterinary medicinal products for productive animals – 2
Veterinary medicinal products for accompanying animals – 7
Cosmetics for accompanying animals – 10
Food of special use for productive animals – 2
Cosmetics with bee products - 5

PRIMAVET – SOFIA at International Scientific Forums

Intermed First International Symposium – Moscow, Russia – 1 report– 3 participants

Marmara International Symposium – Bursa, Turkey – 1 report– 1 participant

Apimondia World Congress - Ljubljana, Slovenia - 5 reports– 5 participants

International Symposium – Budva, Serbia and Montenegro - 1 report – 2 participants

International Symposium under the aegis of Apimondia - Celle, Germany - 1 participant on round table

International Symposium – Budva, Serbia and Montenegro - 1 report – 2 participants

Apimondia World Congress - Dublin, Ireland - 1 participant

International Symposium under the aegis of Apimondia - Sofia, Bulgaria - 1 Deputy Chairman of Organization Committee - 3 participants – stand

International Congress – Prague, Czech Republic – 1 participant
Balkan Conference – Istanbul, Turkey – 2 reports – 5 participants – stand
Marmara Third International Symposium - Bursa, Turkey - 3 reports– 1 participant

International Symposium under the aegis of Apimondia - Bucharest, Romania - 2 reports– 5 participants - stand
Apislavia International Symposium – Kiev, Ukraine - 1 report – 4 participants - stand
International Symposium - Lvov, Ukraine - 1 report – 2 participants - stand
International Symposium – Mugla, Turkey - 1 report– 3 participants - stand

Apimondia World Congress – Montpellier, France - 2 reports – 6 participants - stand

IV European Conference apidology – Ankara, Turkey – 1 report – 1 participant
IV Marmara Congress – Chanakkale, Turkey – 4 reports – 3 participants
International Symposium “Biological Beekeeping” organized by Apimondia, Nesebar, Bulgaria – 3 reports – 4 participants - stand

Primavet-Sofia Ltd. Company Images

Primavet-Sofia Ltd.  - Invest Primavet-Sofia Ltd.  - Invest 

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