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Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing is a leading con­sult­ing firm in Bulgaria focused entirely around mar­ket research, implementing busi­ness con­sult­ing services and grow­ing the busi­ness sys­tems of clients and improv­ing their work in Bul­garia.

We know that the finan­cial consulting results come from skilled team of busi­ness and cor­po­rate consultants that are trained to do strate­gic and finance con­sult­ing, mar­ket research and tax plan­ning in Bul­garia.

We believe that busi­ness suc­cess for the for­eign com­pa­nies in Bul­garia is as much about get­ting proper plan­ning of strate­gic busi­ness and finan­cial con­sult­ing. Your busi­ness con­sul­tancy firm in Bul­garia shall help you out with your company’s busi­ness strat­egy, cor­po­rate con­sult­ing, taxes, account­ing and pay­roll as well as with the financ­ing of your projects to be in place as well as get­ting the right mar­ket research in Bul­garia, tax opti­miza­tion and tax expo­sure in the course of plan­ning your suc­cess­ful busi­ness in Bul­garia.

Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing offers busi­ness con­sult­ing and is one of the biggest strate­gic con­sult­ing firms in Bul­garia. We aim to pro­vide finan­cial con­sult­ing ser­vices for for­eign com­pa­nies in Bul­garia and investors who are doing busi­ness in Bul­garia. At the same time entre­pre­neurs who have already devel­oped their busi­ness in one of the most dynamic mar­kets and out­sourc­ing cen­ters in the Euro­pean Union could also ben­e­fit from the BPO ser­vices of our lead­ing busi­ness con­sult­ing firm in Bul­garia.

Consulting in Bulgaria -

Consulting in Bulgaria -  

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SB Accounting & Consulting

70 Tzaribrodska Str., office 3
1309 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 920 17 73, +359 888 886 550

Fax: +359 2 920 22 97

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