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Location: Pazardjik district

The property is situated in “Cigov chark” mountain region in the neighborhood of Batak town, bordering with existing ski-track and ski-tow-lift and it has a panorama towards “Batak” dam lake at about 200 meters away from it. The lake is rich in fish and is a wonderful place for fishing. It borders on the main road Batak-Rakitovo-Velingrad / famous for its spa and balneotherapy / and is at about 2 km away from “Orbita” resort complex, located in the same area. In neighborhood of the summer houses building of exurban village-hotel complex and new summer houses, with a swimming pool, a restaurant and attractions is stipulated to be finished up to 2007.

“Cigov chark” mountain region is at about 130 km. away from the capital Sofia and at about 55 km. away from Plovdiv. There are busses every day from Sofia and Plovdiv to Batak.

Building and ground

The construction of the building is Ferro-concrete, built of bricks. It has outer hydro- and thermo-insulation plaster and a plinth of rock-lining material/gneiss/. The covering construction is wooden, covered with tiles. The joinery is PVC, fibro-glass pack. Inside it is plastered up; there is plaster ground, painted. The floor-laminate parquet and terracotta. The toilet – lavatory pan, faience wash basin, shower, boiler. Verandah with barbeque and fire place in the sitting room. The electro installation is fully completed without lamps.
The bigger building includes a dining room, a bedroom and a sitting room on the first floor plus a toilet and two bedrooms with toilets on the second floor.

Adjoining ground at each building is about 300 formed with a path towards the building.

Cigov chark family villas -

Cigov chark family villas -  

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