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Tenders for Bulgaria's Hemus and Trakiya Motorways Launched
Date: 21/03/2015
Tenders for Bulgaria's Hemus and Trakiya Motorways Launched

Tenders on the current renovation and maintenance of Bulgarian motorways Hemus and Trakiya's older segments are now launched.

The announcement was made by the Press Office of the State Agency Road Infrastructure.

The first procedure is regarding the maintenance and renovation works planned with regard to the severe weather conditions along the section of the Hemus motorway stretching 78,5 kilometers between Sofia and Yablanitsa.

The company chosen will also be in charge of the necessary works along the corresponding smaller roads, and the lightning in the tunnels of Vitinya, Topli Dol, Echemishka and Praveshki Hanove.

According to preliminary prognoses the total value of the project will amount to BGN 15 M, no VAT included.

The second tender to be launched is for the maintenance of the 208 km portion of Trakiya motorway, connecting Sofia and Stara Zagora, the smaller road leading to the Maritsa highway, all smaller roads along the way, as well as maintenance of the lightning inside of the Trayanovi Vrata tunnel.

It is estimated that the second project can be completed at a cost of BGN 20 M no VAT included.

The term for the completion of the work is set at 48 months, and the main criterion for the determination of the best offer will be economic feasibility.

Topic: Infrastructure

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