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WALLTOPIA Business Card


Sector: Construction

Located in: Sofia, Sofia city district

20A "eng. Georgi Belov" str., Mladost 3
1712 Sofia

Tel: + 359 2 81 77 930, + 359 2 81 77 931, + 359 2 81 77 932

Fax: + 359 2 975 3874



WALLTOPIA Business Description

Our company was founded as a producer of artificial climbing walls and holds in 1998 by two young climbers - Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Musov. As Walltopia's business quickly expanded, a decision was made to transform it into two independent and highly specialized companies.

The climbing holds business, including design and production of all Safety Holds and Training Boards, became High Rise Technology (HRT). HRT uses Positive Relief, Safety String, and a Universal Bolt Insert Technology to provide the most innovative climbing holds in the world today. For more information, please visit the HRT website.

The climbing walls business, including design and production of all bouldering and climbing walls became WALLTOPIA.

WALLTOPIA offers a variety of climbing wall surfaces:

* Plywood flat or textured
* GRP flat or textured
* Triangles Plywood or GRP
* Rocktopia (ultra realistic)
* 3D curves
* Shell Concrete

WALLTOPIA provides a complete climbing wall service including design, production, and installation. We can work with the design you have created or we can develop a unique and exciting design for you based on your specific needs.

The two independent and highly specialized companies, WALLTOPIA and HRT, continue to work together in close collaboration providing the ultimate climbing walls and climbing holds all over the world today.

WALLTOPIA - Aiming for the Perfect Wall

Our commitment since the very beginning has been to create and build perfect walls. We know that every aspect of your project is important, so we pay attention to even the smallest details. Each climbing panel is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still allowing the routes to be determined by the climbing holds instead of the relief of the panel. Our Flat Underhold technology ensures that even large climbing holds will have a perfect fit to the wall surface without any gaps. The surface of our panels is highly durable without being too smooth or too rough. As for the general design of the walls, we are were among the first companies to produce designs with free positioning of climbing surfaces, and until now, we are the only company offering GRP walls with free positioning of climbing surfaces due to WALLTOPIA's Unique GRP Triangles technology.

In addition to the perfect product, we aim to provide the perfect service. We work hard to answer your questions immediately, finish our walls on time, and continue providing excellent service even after the project is completed. We understand that your long-term satisfaction is the most important aspect of your project.

With more than sixty employees, Walltopia has combined highly-skilled engineers and design teams, specialized assembly technicians and a production facility of over 2000 sq.meters to provide a complete climbing wall service.

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