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SB Accounting & Consulting Accounting Company in Sofia

SB Accounting & Consulting Business Card

SB Accounting & Consulting

Sofia, Sofia City
SB Accounting & Consulting

70 Tzaribrodska Str., office 3
1309 Sofia

Tel: +359 2 920 17 73, +359 888 886 550
Fax: +359 2 920 22 97

SB Accounting & Consulting Business Description

Sb Accounting & Consulting provides professional accounting, payroll, tax, incorporation and BPO services in Bulgaria

Our com­pany, Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing is a lead­ing and well-reputed busi­ness process out­sourc­ing firm in Bul­garia.

It was estab­lished in 1989 and dur­ing its exis­tence our com­pany has always been try­ing to achieve the utmost stan­dard of ser­vic­ing clients and meet­ing their expec­ta­tions.

Thanks to the unique approach which we apply for more than 20 years, Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing has grown up into one of the top inde­pen­dent CPA’s and con­sult­ing firms at the Bul­gar­ian out­sourc­ing mar­ket. We offer strictly indi­vid­ual atti­tude towards each client fol­low­ing the cor­po­rate cul­ture spirit and busi­ness ethic.

Our cor­po­rate pol­icy is based on qual­ity, effi­ciency and com­pe­tency, together with com­pli­ance with the Bul­gar­ian and the EU laws and fair busi­ness prac­tice. Our pro­fes­sional approach reveals itself in every aspect: deci­sion mak­ing strat­egy, work prin­ci­ples, both in rela­tion­ships with clients and rela­tion­ship within the team. This atti­tude towards work allows us to estab­lish a per­sonal pro­fes­sional con­nec­tion with the client, to focus on his spe­cific needs, tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion his finan­cial, cor­po­rate and pri­vate inter­ests, for the pur­pose of reach­ing an exclu­sive solu­tion in strict com­pli­ance with inter­na­tional rules and reg­u­la­tions and specif­i­cally tai­lored for client’s busi­ness needs.

Located in the down­town of the cap­i­tal Sofia, and thanks to the online solu­tions imple­mented in our busi­ness processes, we are in posi­tion to oper­ate with investors from all over the world with their inward busi­nesses on the entire ter­ri­tory of Bul­garia.

Due to the solid expe­ri­ence gath­ered dur­ing the years, Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing offers to its exist­ing and prospec­tive clients in Bul­garia full pack­ages of pro­fes­sional ser­vices like Accoun­tancy & Book­keep­ing, Exter­nal & Inter­nal Audit, Pay­roll & HR solu­tions, Cor­po­rate & Per­sonal Tax­a­tion, Man­age­ment Con­sult­ing & Busi­ness solu­tions, IT & Vir­tual admin­is­tra­tive ser­vices. Apart from the finan­cial con­sul­tancy and in order to be in full assis­tance of our clients we are also able to pro­vide Legal ser­vices such as Admin­is­tra­tive ser­vices for Non-Residents, Com­pany Incor­po­ra­tion, Spe­cific Reg­is­tra­tions, Labour & Employ­ment, Real Estate acqui­si­tion.

Per­sis­tent in our pur­suit to pro­vide full range out­sourc­ing ser­vices of high qual­ity and stan­dards to our clients, here in Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing we rely and always improve a trust­wor­thy team of young and qual­i­fied spe­cial­ists with inter­na­tion­ally rec­og­nized expe­ri­ence in the field of audit, account­ing, taxes, finance and cor­po­rate law.

To our pro­fi­ciency trusted world­wide clients and part­ners and at the present time our net­work includes com­pa­nies with exclu­sively for­eign par­tic­i­pa­tion from EU, but also out­side EU, like USA, Mid­dle East, Aus­tralia and Canada, oper­at­ing in dif­fer­ent spheres of the economy.

SB Accounting & Consulting Company Images

SB Accounting & Consulting  - Invest 

  SB Accounting & Consulting Investment Projects and Offers    


Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing is a leading con­sult­ing firm in Bulgaria focused entirely around mar­ket research, implementing busi­ness con­sult­ing services and grow­ing the busi­ness sys­tems of clients and improv­ing their work in Bul­garia. We know that the finan­cial consulting results come from skilled team of busi­ness and cor­po­rate consultants that are trained to do strate­gic and finance con­sult­ing, mar­ket research and tax plan­ning in Bul­garia. We



Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

As a busi­ness process outsourcing firm, Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing is mainly focused on pro­vid­ing back office solu­tions and their out­sourc­ing for cost effi­ciency, risk min­i­miza­tion and shar­ing of knowl­edge exper­tise. The BPO increases our clients’ flex­i­bil­ity and allows them to con­cen­trate on their core com­pe­tences. Our BPO ser­vices include under­tak­ing of clients’ back office ser­vices and sec­ondary func­tions such as com­pany set up,



Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing has been always aim­ing to pro­vide prac­ti­cal guid­ance and qual­i­fied assis­tance in set­ting up a com­pany and start­ing up a busi­ness in Bul­garia. For estab­lish­ing a com­pany could be used any legal form pro­vided in the Bul­gar­ian Com­mer­cial law includ­ing set­ting up a cor­po­ra­tion, a branch of for­eign com­pany, char­ity for­ma­tion and shelf com­pa­nies in . We also offer com­pany re-registration ser­vices



Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

Account­ing & Con­sult­ing offers a com­plete con­sul­ta­tion on busi­ness taxes, tax for non-residents, tax on self-employment and inher­i­tance tax advises. We are expe­ri­enced in the Bul­gar­ian tax laws and would be able to pro­vide you with any tax infor­ma­tion related to tax rates in Bul­garia, due dates for taxes, tax plan­ning and com­pli­ance tax ser­vices. Our tax exper­tise includes ser­vices for res­i­dents and non-residents in: tax plan­ning



Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

Pay­roll Admin­is­tra­tion Solu­tion in Bul­garia Sb Account­ing & Con­sult­ing is a top outsourcing pay­roll com­pany in Bulgaria who pro­vides flex­i­ble corporate pay­roll pro­cess­ing and pay­roll admin­is­tra­tion ser­vices which improves the pay­roll management for employ­ers of every size. Our tar­get is to opti­mize your pay­roll processes, to min­i­mize the risk, to improve the pro­duc­tiv­ity and to sim­plify your pay­roll administration. In our



Sector: Accounting
City/Town: Sofia District: Sofia City

As Account­ing firm in Bul­garia we aim to dif­fer from the other account­ing com­pa­nies. As well as all such con­sult­ing firms we pro­vide the ‘basics’ of account­ing, which we call book­keep­ing or account­ing for small busi­nesses. These include:

  • Main­te­nance of accoun­tancy and book­keep­ing
  • Prepa­ra­tion of monthly VAT returns and account­ing for tax
  • Annual Tax Returns for Cor­po­rate Tax
  • Bank and Cash

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