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MERCURY FOODS Additives Company in Gabrovo



Food and Beverage Additives
Gabrovo, Gabrovo Province

60 Orlovska Str.
5300 Gabrovo

Tel: +359 66 804 923
Fax: +359 66 804 436

MERCURY FOODS Business Description

The Factory for tea, spices and pasta MERCURY FOODS is owned by “Mercury P & P” JSC- Gabrovo.
The beginning is set during 1990 in the town of Gabrovo by the Prodanovis’ and Penevis’ families, who register the partnership company “Mercury – Prodanovi, Penevi and Sons”.
With the market liberalization and the building of the market economy after 1989, the Bulgarian consumer rediscovered the exotics of the seasonings again. The demand which occurred was the reason for establishing in 1992 a department for packaging of spices which set the bases of the future Factory for tea, spices and pasta “Mercury P & P”, and from 2003 with the new brand MERCURY FOODS.
The MERCURY FOODS factory produces a wide range of herbal, fruit and natural tea, spices, seasonings, powdered desserts and pasta. All mixes are produced by own recipes, which are developed by highly skilled technologists team in modern equipped laboratory.
The Factory is reconstructed in compliance with European legislation with new technological solutions and in 2002 is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the auditor SGS Bulgaria.
In 2005 the Factory for tea, spices and pasta MERCURY FOODS was IFS certified and it is the one and only certified producer in this branch in Bulgaria.
The production of MERCURY FOODS is intended for households, restaurants, pizza restaurants, fast foods restaurants and all branches of the food industry.
The Factory for tea, spices and pasta MERCURY FOODS has long lasting contracts for delivery of all necessary raw materials and successfully sells its production both on the domestic and international market.

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