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Yambol - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria
Yambol - City and District Information
Yambol - City and District Information - Invest Bulgaria

Yambol Basic Data

City Population: 84,498
District Population: 150,665
Area size: 3,355 square km.
Places of interest: Yambol, Elhovo, Straldja, Bolyarovo

Yambol General Information
Yambol district is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria. The Middle parts of Tundja valley spread over the most of the region. It is bordered by four other districts – Bourgas, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, and Sliven district. The hilly plain relief predominates - 100 - 150m above the sea level. The North areas of Tundja valley are characterized by trans-continental climate while the south parts have typical continental - Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperatures are 12-12,50 C (averaging in 0,6-1,2 C for January and 22,6-22,8 for July). Because of the genial winter, second crops cultivating is possible in the region, but it would call for artificial irrigation due to the low average precipitation levels of 530-540 liters/mІ. The availability of fertile soils in the region creates favorable conditions for growing various fruits and vegetables: grain, fodder, vineyards, rice, tobacco, industrial crops etc. The Tundja River, the fourth of its size with an earth embankment, flows through the district. Mineral water wells are found near the village of Stefan Caradjovo. Agricultural lands take 76.9 % of the whole district territory and the forests - 15.5 % of it. The wood resources include elm-tree, yoke-elm, willow, poplar, oak tree.

The permanent district population till 15.03.2007 comes to 150,665 people and comprises 2% of the country population. The town residents are 104,274 and the village inhabitants are 46,391 (69.21 % town population and 30.79 % village population). The towns Yambol, Elhovo, Straldja and Bolyarovo function as essential economic, transport and communal centres.

Forest areas take 16,5% of Yambol county territory. Annual afforestation of 6900 hc new forest has been planned. There are all facilities available to promote game shooting tourism. There are eight shooting lodges built. The perspectives in the forestry development are building a game shooting holiday - house.

Yambol dates back to Roman times when it was called Dianapolis. The archaeological findings are related to the year 6000 BC to the time of Roman Emperor Diocletian reign when the castle, called Diospolis, was built with location of the present modern town. Yambol boasts Roman baths, a medieval fortress, the Saint George Church of 1737, the Saint Nicholas the Miracle Maker Church, the Roofed Market (Bezistena) of the 16th Century, Churshoum Pazar and the Eski Mosque. In the vicinity of the town, is the famous archeological sight, Kabile, which remains one of the few Thracian towns that existed in pre-Roman times. In the village of Kabile you can visit the Birth of the Holy Virgin Convent. Fifteen kilometers to the southeast is the Bakadjika locality and the Saint Alexander Nevski Monastery founded in the 19th Century. The town has another contribution to the world progress - Yambol is the native place of the artist of world popularity George Papazov and John Popov. The computer inventor - John Atanasov has family roots in the district.

Yambol District has a border with one of the south neighboring countries of Bulgaria – Turkey. Together, the administrations of the bordering country districts are working for trans-border co-operation stemming up from business purposes. Yambol region and Tekirdag and Edirne reagions from Turkey have signed contracts for collaboration and co-operation in the spheres of tourism, environment and education, as well as assisting NGOs, businesses, cultural and other enterprises.

Yambol Economy
The total area cultivated land in Yambol county is 258039,2 ha, as having been estimated till 31.12.1999, with irrigation and drainage systems built on it. The region is known as one of the biggest producers of agricultural products in the country – it accounts for 5.1% of the cultivated land in Bulgaria. The main crops grown are bread and fodder wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, grapes, industrial crops. Livestock is mainly used for production of meat (pork and beef) and milk (cow and sheep). Well developed are sheep-breeding, pig-breeding, fish-breeding and pheasant-breeding. The possibilities for future rapid development of agriculture lie in the increase of the number and quantity of vines, brewing barley, the cattle breeding for milk production, in binding the investments made in food, wine and tobacco industry with investments in agriculture, in timely renewal and expansion of technically equipped systems, building a new forage store-house etc.

Yambol district industry relies on considerable capacity of various branches. The existing industrial enterprises have preserved good production capacities with all facilities functioning and highly- qualified staff employed. The town industrial zone has been gas supplied. The industrial field of the district involves the following branches: Food, wine and tobacco industry, machine-building and metal -working industry, chemical, textile and dress - making industries. New industrial fields are developed as well and now have plants in the Yambol region, namely, automotive electronics and recycling of waste plastic products. 52 enterprises with foreign participation have been registered till 31.12.1999. The expansion and development of small and medium- sized private enterprises plays big role in the industrial development of the region and the economic processes acceleration. The key target is reconstruction of the existing industrial potential drawing national and foreign investments to guarantee the stable production increase, the renovation of the final products in order to raise their competitive ability in the home and foreign markets.

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