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Velingrad Information
Velingrad - Famous Bulgarian Town Information

Velingrad is located in the most picturesque part of the Western Phodopi Mountains – The Chepino Valley. The unique combination of climate, mineral waters and wonderful nature makes the town a preferable tourist destination for recreation, treatment and rest. The town is at 750-780 m above sea level.

The climate is temperate continental, very favourable for tourism. The summer is cool, the winter mild and snowy and autumn is warmer than spring. The average annual temperature is about 10 to 15˚ C. The length of sunshine is excellent, Velngrad is among the places that get most sunny days throughout the year – about 300. The fur-tree forest, the strong sunshine and the clear mountain air create conditions which have a positive influence on people.

The greatest wealth of Velingrad and the region are its water resources. For that reason Velingrad is called “The Blue Pearl of the Rhodopi Mountains”. The basic water resources are the rivers, dams, karsts and mineral water springs. The greatest Karsts spring on the Balkan Peninsula named Kleptuza is a mere wonder of nature, from which every second a 570 l of ice-cold water jet out on the surface. They fill in the two artificial lakes and the nearby situated trout breeding pool.

The greatest part of its popularity Velingrad owes to its multiple and various hot mineral water springs – 78 in number with a debit totaling to 14 million l/day. They are an enormous natural wealth and are unique in their mineral contents, which ranks them amongst the most curative in our country. In quality and contents the mineral springs of Velingrad combine the curative qualities of the waters in Hissarya, Narechen and Banya. They are similar to the ones in Kostenetz, Dobrinishte and Kyustendil. The waters are nitric, sodium and fluoric with variable anion contents and mineralization as well as with great variety of rare elements.
The wonderful nature, the curious local crafts and traditions, the monuments of history and the hospitality of the population add to the attractiveness of Velingrad as a tourist destination.

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