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Varna Technical University - Bulgarian Universities
Varna Technical University - Varna
Varna Technical University - Bulgarian Universities

TUV has been founded in 1962 with a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Peoples Republic of Bulgaria and Act of the National Assembly. The purpose of the creation is to ensure conditions for education of engineering staff for the shipbuilding, transport, machine building, electric power engineering and communications. These will be necessary for the needs of the growing industrial complexes in the North-East part of the country, profiling in heavy chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repair, manufacturing of engines, transport, electric power industry, electronics and communications. Initially the university is named Machine and Electrical Institute - Varna (MEI - Varna) and incorporates three faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Shipbuilding.

The first admission of students is for the school year 1963/64 in the following courses (specialties): Internal combustion engines, Marine machinery and plants, Shipbuilding, Technology of mechanical engineering, Electrical machinery and appliances, Radio engineering, Telecommunications, Automation and telemechanics, Automation of manufacturing.

The creation of MEI - Varna is a massive reconstruction of the Technical faculty at the State University "Saint Cyril Slavjanobolgarski" in Varna, which was officially established on August 18th, 1945. This Technical faculty incorporated the following departments: Mechanical, Shipbuilding, Electrical, Construction and Architectural and Industrial Chemistry. Both the faculty and the university had undergone significant changes in view of the general changes in the public and political life in Bulgaria during this period. In 1958 the last engineers of shipbuilding graduated from this Technical faculty. The first lecturers in MEI - Varna are former lecturers of the Technical faculty or its graduates. Therefore we assume today that MEI - Varna is a legatee of the Technical faculty at the Varna State University. Over the years MEI - Varna grew from a small institute, preparing engineers to satisfy the regional needs to a large Technical University of national significance, educating students in 23 specialties. During its 40 years of existence, TUV gave birth to 28976 specialists with higher education in the fields of the "Technical sciences", "Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics", "Social, economic and legal sciences" and "Pedagogic sciences in engineering and technologies".

Faculty of Electronics, fields of research and study:

Technologies for programming
Networks, Internet and net applications
Databases and information systems
Multimedia products and applications
Computer systems for banks
Parallel computing
Algorithms and computer application in adaptive control
Specialized microprocessor systems
Development of modern technical automation equipment
Computer and microprocessor systems for control of discrete and continuous processes
Control of electromechanical systems on the basis of neuron networks
Automated systems for non-traditional energy sources (wind, solar, sea waves)
Research in applied mathematics and numerical methods
Research of operations

Faculty of Shipbuilding, fields of research and study:

Diagnosis of vibrations and reduction of noise level
Reconstruction and modernization of steam turbines
Research of tension and deformed state and verification of pipelines and pressure vessels
Diagnosis of ship engines and machinery
Basis of transport logistics at sea
Development of software products for automated ship design
Research of anchored equipment
Research of seaworthiness
Strength of hull of and ship architecture
Power consumption and optimization
Research of energy effectiveness and non-traditional energy sources
New technologies for thermal treatment and creation of new materials

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, fields of research and study:

Dynamics, strength and reliability of machines
Diagnosis and non-destructive control of chemical equipment
Research of electrochemical corrosion and non-metal protective coatings
Theory, construction and testing of internal combustion engines
Transport technologies
Research in hydrodynamics, hydraulic and pneumatic machines and equipment

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technologies, fields of research and study:

Creation of new materials and technologies
New welding and metal recovering technologies
Special technologies for formation and cast of alloys
Research and testing of materials' features
Special technologies for metals' cold processing
Dynamic studies of technical systems
Processing of new materials
Research of physical structure and processes in mechanical processing
Engineering graphics and technical documenting
Mechanical transfer mechanisms and clutches
Ergonomics and industrial design

Faculty of Electrical engineering, fields of research and study:

Design, building and research of power and transformer stations
Design, building and research of power networks and systems
Computer analysis and management of power systems
High voltage equipment and safety techniques
Ship power systems and equipment
Microprocessor monitoring, control, and management of industrial power systems
Design, research and optimization of illuminating systems
Power equipment for transport and ships

Faculty of computer systems and automation, fields of research and study:

Microwave and micro antennas for satellite communications
L-band antenna systems
Radio relaying systems and equipment
Radio systems for digital information processing
Hydro-acoustic systems and equipment
Hi frequency electrodynamics and optoelectronics
Video and audio equipment
Electronic equipment for medical applications
Electronic appliances for measurement and control
Power electronics
Digital transmission system
Analogue and digital commutation systems
Design and technology of electronic equipment

Faculty of Marine Sciences and Ecology, fields of research and study:

Research of automated navigation systems
Ecology, economics and natural environment study of the Black Sea region
Ecological monitoring of Black Sea
Ecological problems of artificial and natural fertilization
Research in industrial management
Innovations, technological restructuring and improved logistics
Quality of life and sustainable development
Risk analysis and decision-making

Faculty of Law, fields of research and study:

International marine law
Public law
Private law
Public administration and management

University website: Varna Technical University

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