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Sofia University of Forestry - Bulgarian Universities
University of Forestry - Sofia
Sofia University of Forestry - Bulgarian Universities

The legal foundation of higher forestry education in Bulgaria was laid on January 28, 1925, when the Academic Council of the Sofia University decided to set up a Department of Forestry at the Agronomy Faculty of the university.

That decision was preceded by a long-standing struggle of Bulgarian foresters against the plundering and destruction of forests after the 1878 Liberation from Turkish rule. A lot of opinions and proposals appeared in the specialised newspapers and magazines, as well as in the daily press, regarding both the management of forests and their use and the role of the forest ranger and his or her professional training, especially after the enforcement of Forest Acts from 1883, 1889, 1897, 1904 and 1922. However, only after the graduation of Bulgarian young people from forestry universities abroad (mainly in the Check Republic, Germany and France) and their appointment to administrative positions in forest management units, did a truly purposeful and well-founded protection of the Bulgarian forest begin.

The University of Forestry has 6 faculties offering 8 profiles. Each faculty has a number of departments as described bellow:
• Faculty of Forestry has six departments - Department of Dendrology, Department of Soil Science, Department of Hunting and Game Management, Department of Silviculture, Department of Forest Management and Department of Technology and Mechanization of Forestry
• Faculty of Forest Industry has six departments - Department of Mechanical Wood Technology, Department of Furniture Production, Department of Interior and Furniture Design, Department of Woodworking Machines, Department of Mechanization and Automation of Production, and Department of Mathematics and Physics
• Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture has four departments - Department of Ecology, Department of Park and Landshaft Projecting, Department of Park and Landshaft construction, and Department of Pathology of the plants and chemistry
• Faculty of Agronomy has four departments - Department of Plant Protection, Department of regional Horticultur, Department of General Horticulture, and Department of Sport
• Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has five departments - Department of Anatomy, Histology and Physiology, Department of Amimal Science, Department of Internal Non-Communicable Diseases, Pathology and Pharmacology, Department of Surgery, Roentgenology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproduction Biotechnology, and Department of Infectious Pathology, Veterinary-Sanitary Control and Animal Product Technology, and Management of Veterinary Activities
• Faculty of Business Management has five departments - Department of Management and Utilization of Natural Resources, Department of Marketing and Production Management", Department of Economics, Department of Computer Science and Informatics, and Department of Foreign Languages and Pedagogy

University website: University of Forestry

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