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Sunny Day - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Sunny Day - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Sunny Day - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Sunny Day is a small resort situated in the north part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 km away from Varna. Sunny Day is a small, but luxury resort, offering only 4 hotels for around 1300 guests, all of which are on the very seashore. A former governmental residence, the resort is located in a small and quiet bay and is merging with the St St Konstantil and Elena resort. The small bay and the forests right behind the beach make the resort extremely beautiful. The beach is 1 km long and from 20 to 80 m wide. It is a part of a national park and has two mineral water springs. The climate conditions are extremely favorable, like the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast during the summer. The temperature of the air ranges between 23-28 C, and the water reaches 25 C in August. Sunny Day is a winner of two international awards for accommodation; one from Spain in 1997, and one for quality won in New York in 1998. Modern Spa centers have been developed due to the presence of mineral water springs. The water form the mineral water springs is coming out at temperature of 42 C. The resort offers a wide range of health care programs: thermotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesthetic therapy, many different kinds of baths, etc. The healing powers of these mineral water springs have been recognized since the year 1909 when the first and only sanitarium for children with tuberculosis was built in the region. Excellent conditions for sport have been developed as well. Besides the equipment for various water sports (scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc), there are also tennis courts and gyms. The close proximity to Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, is one of the resort’s biggest advantages.

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