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Registering Company in Bulgaria
Step by Step Guide to Setting Up a Single Person Private Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria - (EOOD)

   Steps for Setting Up a Single Person Private Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria - (EOOD)

1 Decide on your company name and check in the current registers if it is available. If yes, then reserve that name for your company and keep your confirmation slip.
2 Compose Memorandum of Association
3 Form your company share capital of minimum 2 Bulgarian Leva, a little more than 1 Euro
4 Obtain your bank deed confirming that the registered capital has been paid
5 Appoint your management body
6 Obtain your registration in the Trade register
7 If needed, get a permit for your activities: some activities require issuance of a permit from competent government bodies before entering your company in the commercial register (Investment brokerage for example).
8 Wait for the publication of your registration in Trade register
9 By then the company registration is complete. But you are not completely done and there are a few more steps to complete:
10 Register at the territorial division of the National Social Security Institute (NOI)
11 This is it by that time you should have a fully functional company



Normally, this whole process takes about 5-10 working days.
2 We would recommend that you hire a local lawyer or a consulting company, familiar with such issues, to register your company with you. There is some paperwork involved and sometimes simple omissions (like a Xerox copy of your passport) could cause delays. Please feel free to contact us should you need assistance with this process.
3 We strongly recommend that you use the services of a local accountant, familiar with Bulgarian regulation, to keep track of your company's books and meet all other government requirements that you would not otherwise be familiar with.

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