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Stara Zagora Province Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(115 companies found)
Shirov EOOD
91. Shirov EOOD
Stara Zagora
Shirov EOOD was founded in October 1994 as 100% private company seated in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is construction of houses, industrial and commercial buildings. The high qualification of the technical staff and the competency of the ...[ ]
Sipo Trading
92. Sipo Trading
Stara Zagora
Sipo Trading company is specialized in production and trading with phosphate chemical products , additions for fodder industry , leaf fetilizer , fire – extinguishing powder . Trade marks fire – extinguishing powder VEREYA “ABC” – 20 , VEREYA “ABC” – 40 , ...[ ]
SMM Ltd.
93. SMM Ltd.
Stara Zagora
"SMM" Ltd. is registered in 1997 in Stara Zagora District Court. The company is producing and trading agricultural products and it is providing related services. We have currently rented about 6000 ha of agricultural land with irrigation - mainly in the land of village ...[ ]
Solo Human Resources Consulting
94. Solo Human Resources Consulting
Stara Zagora
Solo Human Resources Consulting offers services in the area of human resources management to public and private clients, using internationally accepted professional methodology adapted to the unique local conditions. Solo Human Resources Consulting is a trade mark of ...[ ]
Somoni Limited
95. Somoni Limited
Stara Zagora
Financial Services
Somoni Limited is a part of the Somoni Financial Group, the main activity of which is the performance of deals with foreign currencies for cash payments. It operates inside the Somoni financial group as a chain of currency exchange bureaus. Additional services are supplied by ...[ ]
Spa Hotel Izvor
96. Spa Hotel Izvor
Stara Zagora
We know from experience, that the organization of company events, coctails, congresses, seminars and garden parties is a responsible and an important assignment. If you contact us, it will be very easy for you. You will enjoy everything that our professional team will do to ...[ ]
SpaceCAD Ltd.
97. SpaceCAD Ltd.
Software Development
SpaceCAD Ltd., part of DAVID Holding, is established 1996 as a private company by the team of the former Center for Engineering Design and Automation of Bulgarian military complex. The key feature that distinguishes SpaceCAD is our customer’s centric business model. We ...[ ]
Svoboda Winery
98. Svoboda Winery
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage Wine producers
Svoboda Winery is a small wine cellar, located in the centre of Bulgaria, 10 km southeast of the town of Chirpan, in a countryside with deeply rooted traditions in vine-growing and wine-making. We make wine from grapes grown in our own vineyards, processed with great care and ...[ ]
Tallpack Bulgaria Ltd.
99. Tallpack Bulgaria Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Packaging industry
As a member of Tallgroup, Tallpack Bulgaria is a specialist in the field of end of line packaging systems. Our speciality is to advise you about all kind of strapping, wrapping and load secure systems. As a system seller we are able to advise you about the right packaging ...[ ]
Tanev Commerce Ltd.
100. Tanev Commerce Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Agriculture Agricultural Machinery
Tanev Commerce Ltd. was established in Bulgaria, 1998. After building and developing the biggest Balkan Agro-center, Eng. Tanyo Tanev left "FARMER 2000" Ltd. where he was General Manager since firm's creating at 1991. His purpose was to establish and manage a high-effective, ...[ ]
Technopol EOOD
101. Technopol EOOD
Stara Zagora
Construction Security Systems
Technopol EOOD was incorporated and registered in the District Court of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, under registration case No. 396/1995 in February 1995. ITEMS DEVELOPED BY THE COMPANY 1.Design, installation and servicing of security systems and facilities including: ...[ ]
Technopol Ltd
102. Technopol Ltd
Stara Zagora
Construction Security Systems
Technopol is the main manufacturer of monitoring centers in Bulgaria, which are designed for applications related to the protection of property of individuals and companies, for environmental protection, monitoring of moving objects, GPS control and industrial process ...[ ]
Thermoengineering Ltd.
103. Thermoengineering Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Mechanical Engineering
Thermoengineering Ltd. is founded at 1993y. by eng. Dincho Dinev. Activities of the firm are: design, production, erection, start-up, adjustment and repairing of machines for food industry – especialy machines for thermal treatment of food liquid- as pasteurizers, ...[ ]
Trakia Oil Ltd.
104. Trakia Oil Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage
The company - Trakia Oil Ltd. - is established in 1995. The company factory is situated 10 km away from Stara Zagora – the cross point - industrial and transportation center in the middle of Bulgaria. The factory has 100 tons per day crushing capacity of sunflower or rapes ...[ ]
Trud 97 Ltd.
105. Trud 97 Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Construction Furnishing
We offer the following services: 1. Projecting equipment in scales and in terms of the space. 2. Producing equipment of lamination of plates from wooden fractions. It is hardy at mechanical, thermal and chemical impact. 3. Making working places/desks, auxiliary ...[ ]
Vesselino Ltd.
106. Vesselino Ltd.
Chemical Essential Oils
Vesselino Company is dealing with production of rose oil, rose essential water, rose absolute and rose concrete. We also offer for sale herbs, herbal substances, essential oils and extracts.
Vidyo Dimitrov Fluid Power
107. Vidyo Dimitrov Fluid Power
Metal Industry
Фирмата предлага, доставка, първоначална инсталация и обучение за работа с металообработващи машини. Гаранционно и следгаранционно сервизиране на ...[ ]
VITO-95 Ltd.
108. VITO-95 Ltd.
Stara Zagora
The Company commenced its main activities – Industrial and Civil Engineering as ET ‘Vito – Toni Rusev’ in 1991. In 1995 was established the company VITO-95 Ltd., including 12 shareholders, the major shareholder among them being Mr. Toni Rusev, Dipl. Eng. Since 1991 the ...[ ]
Zagora International Ltd.
109. Zagora International Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Business Consultancy
ZAGORA International, Ltd. is a company registered by District Court of Stara Zagora – Bulgaria with verdict No 393 / 31 .01.2000 The company business activities: 1. INTERNATIONAL TRADE: * Export: Wines,Cheese,Yelow Cheese, Mineral waters,Canned foods. * ...[ ]
Zavodski Stroeji-Maritza Iztok AD
110. Zavodski Stroeji-Maritza Iztok AD
Stara Zagora
Zavodski Stroeji-Maritza Iztok AD is registered in 1994 by Decision No2974 on a company case No2160of the Regional Court of Stara Zagora. The company is a successor to Zavodski Stroeji-Maritza Iztok Building Management, a construction company established in 1957 for the ...[ ]

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