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Stara Zagora Province Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(115 companies found)
Kvalitet 21 SD
61. Kvalitet 21 SD
Stara Zagora
Construction Doors and Windows
The Company was established on 18 July 1990 and is one of the oldest private companies in Stara Zagora and the region. Its main business is machine building and construction design. Since the beginning the model ship sport has been registered as its business. The Company’s ...[ ]
Lema Kazanlak
62. Lema Kazanlak
Chemical Essential Oils
More than 30 years we are been working in the area of ethereal-oil production. As by volume of production it is unlikely that we are one of the top ten in the industry, but as for the level of quality we do our best to keep to the highest position. It's not only our long ...[ ]
M+S Hidraulic
63. M+S Hidraulic
Machine Building
M+S Hydraulic is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic motors, steering units, valves, brakes and accessories. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV for guaranteeing quality production and high technology rank all over the world. M+S Hydraulic pursuits one goal only - ...[ ]
M-Group Ltd.
64. M-Group Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Real Estate Property Management
M-Group Ltd: Company with six years experience in real estate entrepreneurship, well honored by both its clients and its partners. Nedelcho Kolev and Tihomir Kolev are co-founders and partners in the company. Harmony Estates is M-Group’s subsidiary, with a focus on: Real ...[ ]
Mechanical Engineering
MAKINO is the only manufacturer to combine technology competence in milling,EDM and complete machining (milling and grinding) under one roof. Our technologyconsulting competence and the comprehensive range of MAKINO machinesenable us to always ensure our customers the optimum ...[ ]
Chemical Cleaning agents and cosmetics
The main aim of Maya-Dy is the preservation of the national traditions in the field of ethnology and developing innovative products from natural herbs and medical plants. The products of Maya-Dy have been exhibited on multiple occasions in different parts of the world - ...[ ]
Packaging industry
The firm is dealed with production of cylindrical paper packings, paper spiral pipes, tubes, cores, paper spools /spiral and cone/, ecologic paper pens, machines for manufacturing of paper packings The packings are a pure ecological produkts which is made by breaked dow ...[ ]
68. Megadent
Stara Zagora
Healthcare Dental Clinics
Megadent offers to your attention an opportunity for long-term high-quality dental treatment and prophylaxis /for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months/ for you and your employees, and also their families, at a convenient time. For the purposes of adequate treatment, a thorough prophylactic ...[ ]
Stara Zagora
MILDAY is a private Bulgarian firm with abilities and expertise for partnership and business with Bulgarian and foreign business structures in Bulgaria with target development of positive business with long-term effect. MILDAY Ltd. has a personnel with University degree and ...[ ]
Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD
70. Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD
Stara Zagora
Mining & Exploration
Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD is the largest coal mining company in the Republic of Bulgaria. It works the Maritsa Iztok lignite field and is of decisive importance for the national energy balance. The company has been operating in order to provide light and heat and contribute to the ...[ ]
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage Canned Foods
MITAK LTD is a company with serious traditions in the canned foods production for Bulgarian and international markets. The company is established in 1996 and since then has successfully met the challenge to create the high quality products necessary to compete in the world ...[ ]
MM Travel
72. MM Travel
Stara Zagora
MM Travel tour operator & travel agent.
Stara Zagora
Agriculture Agricultural Machinery
We are company "MONTAZHAGRO" Ltd. offers engineering, consulting, design, supply and installation of warehouses from the silo type with brands "SYMAGA" - Spain, "PREVE"-France and mechanization of flat storage.
Nactis-Galia Ltd.
74. Nactis-Galia Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Food and Beverage Additives
As a leading supplier of additives, spices and falavors for the food industry, we will offer to you products with the highest quality, technological assistance and solutions to specific problems. We follow one simple rule - first we research and understand in depth the unique ...[ ]
Stara Zagora
Chemical Essential Oils
A Bulgarian essential oil distilling company, established in 1993. Since 2001 certified organic with roses and since 2005 with lavender. Distiller of both conventional and organic essential oils and floral waters. Production site at Hrishteni village, Stara Zagora ...[ ]
76. Nikdim
Field of activity: Production and trade in electrical equipment: High-voltage fuses for voltage type SMR. SMR stands for outdoor and indoor 10 kV and 20 kV, low voltage high power fuses 500 V type VPNN, foundations for heavy OCP fuse type, screw (domestic) Low voltage fuses - ...[ ]
Nikol Ltd
77. Nikol Ltd
Stara Zagora
Field of activity: Production and trade of industrial parks and street lighting. Production of the Start ignition device for sodium and metal halide lamps. Light sources "Philips". Areas of application: ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL, LIGHTING Products: equipment and supplies ...[ ]
78. OPTICOM Ltd.
Stara Zagora
Agriculture Agricultural Machinery
OPTICOM Ltd. is founded in 1991 as a private company and together with the related KITKA Co. they have grown to become the leaders in distribution of agricultural machines and wholesale trade and retail of spare parts and accessories for tractors, combines and implements on the ...[ ]
Patchov LTD
79. Patchov LTD
Stara Zagora
Metal Industry
We offer high-quality services in the area of the sheet processing of black steel, stainless steel and aluminum. HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS We are focused on the high-quality details. In order to ensure high-quality products, we exercise control throughout all production stages: ...[ ]
PLX Web Sturio
80. PLX Web Sturio
Software Development Web Design
Services: - Developing database driven Internet applications. - Add real-time processing and security to your e-commerce solutions. - Design graphic and multimedia interfaces. - Build user authentication systems. - Integrate Flash and other applications using PHP ...[ ]

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