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Technical University of Sofia - Bulgarian Universities
Technical University of Sofia - Sofia
Technical University of Sofia - Bulgarian Universities

Half a century ago, by Decree No.237 (State Gazette Iss. 248/ 24.10.1945) of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, the State Polytechnic was founded having a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with 4 divisions: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial chemistry and mining and geology. In 1953 Decree No. 231/10.06.1953 regulated the formation of four higher institutes of learning on the basis of the former State Polytechnic. One of these was the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical engineering with two Faculties: that of Mechanical Engineering and of Electrical engineering. In 1956 the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - Sofia was renamed into the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
In 1995 the 37th National Assembly renamed the Higher Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering into the Technical University of Sofia.


• Faculty of Automatics
• Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technology
• Faculty of Electrical Engineering
• Faculty of Power Engineering and Power Machines
• Faculty of Computer Systems and Control
• Faculty of Communications and Communications Technologies
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
• Faculty of Machine Technology
• Faculty of Management
• Faculty of Transport
• Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

University website: Technical University of Sofia

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