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Sofia City Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(3259 companies found)
Bodo Solutions
511. Bodo Solutions
Advertising and Marketing
Bodo Solutions is a company established to provide its clients with solutions and services in the field of advertising and corporate presence. Our team offers a personal approach to each client for building design project, which fully meets the requirements of the business ...[ ]
Bojinov & Bojinov
512. Bojinov & Bojinov
Bojinov&Bojinov has established itself as a boutique law firm in the heart of Sofia aiming to provide first rate IP counselling. Our heritage dates back to 1935 when the Bojinov Law Office was established. Since then we have experienced numerous changes but managed to preserve ...[ ]
The construction company BOKAR LTD was registered in 1992 as a limited liability company with 100% private equity and a major business activity "Research, design, construction and repair of civil and industrial sites". Within the 17 year-period BOKAR company constructed over ...[ ]
Bolar Consult
514. Bolar Consult
"BOLAR CONSULT" SA is a consulting company established in 1997 and existing under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria. Through the short period of its existence the company develops dynamically and gains stable positions among the leading consulting firms in the country. "BOLAR ...[ ]
Bolkan Trade Group LLC
515. Bolkan Trade Group LLC
Construction Light and Fixtures
"Bolkan Trade Group" LLC was established in 2003 as a successor to "Dibel" LLC. The team working for the company, managed by Simeon Beleliev, has over 15 years of history and experience in the field of distribution and production of incandescent lamps, bulbs, light equipment, ...[ ]
Bomar Trading Group
516. Bomar Trading Group
Transportation and Logistics
Bomar Trading Group was created in the summer of 2008 in order to help and distribute services needed for the faster, safe and best value transport of vehicles and goods from U.S to Bulgaria. Due to the fast growing market in Bulgaria for U.S made vehicles, boats, motorcycles ...[ ]
Bomar Trans Ltd.
517. Bomar Trans Ltd.
Transportation and Logistics
We are remover company in which there are private haulage contractors from Bohemian and Moravia. We dispose of the following models of vehicles in fulfilment canvas and also case, all of the models have CMR insurance: # 10 pcs - 13.60 trucks - EURO 3 # 120 CBM – long ...[ ]
Bomi Auto
518. Bomi Auto
Automobile Automotive Dealers
* New cars imported from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. Delivery of cars, vans and lorries to order from abroad favorable leases and other types of deferred payment, barter, consulting, customs services, all types of insurance, auto repair service, ...[ ]
Food and Beverage Beverages
BOMIGAN COMPANY LTD was established in 1990 and it is one of the leading companies in the brewing industry in Bulgaria. The main business activity of the company is the supply of the breweries with high quality raw materials, machines, equipment, etc., as well as cleaning ...[ ]
Bonchev & Co
520. Bonchev & Co
Information Technology Computer Hardware
Bonev Soft
521. Bonev Soft
Software Development
We at "Bonev Soft Auditing" develop and sell software and provide high-quality services to clients prior, during and after software implementation. We target all levels of business - companies of national importance, small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting houses and ...[ ]
Bonev Soft Auditing
522. Bonev Soft Auditing
Software Development
We at "Bonev Soft Auditing" develop and sell software and provide high-quality services to clients prior, during and after software implementation. We target all levels of business - companies of national importance, small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting houses and ...[ ]
BONI Holding AD
523. BONI Holding AD
Food and Beverage Meat processing
In 1991 was registered the sole proprietorship company BONI Oborot – Borislav Nikolov to deal with trade and public catering. In the next few years the business was entirely directed to meat processing and manufacture and trade in meat products. Further on BONI Oborot has ...[ ]
524. Bonic
Company "Bonic" from Bulgaria /Sofia/ offers you beauty from nature for your home, office, restourant, garden, hotel: - in door fountains - out door fountains
Bora Shipping Ltd.
525. Bora Shipping Ltd.
Transportation and Logistics
Bora Shipping Limited was founded in 1998 as an independent Freight Forwarding Agent and has since established itself as a truly professional and reliable partner. The Company's main activities are dedicated to the alcoholic beverages sector of the Bulgarian market - both ...[ ]
526. BOREK & FINCI Ltd
Information Technology Telecommunications
BOREK & FINCI Ltd is registered in 1995 as a Limited Liability Company. The company is specialized in providing products and services in the field of communication technologies and has already built up a reputation of a stable and reliable partner at the Bulgarian market. The ...[ ]
Borex International Ltd
527. Borex International Ltd
Borex International Ltd is the official and the only one representative of TEMSA brand for Republic of Bulgaria since 1999. Due to the mix of superior quality and best prices, the company managed to establish TEMSA brand on the Bulgarian market. For the past 3 years Borex ...[ ]
Borislav Boyanov & Co
528. Borislav Boyanov & Co
Since its establishment in 1990 Borislav Boyanov & Co. has earned worldwide recognition as a stepping stone for many international businesses in Bulgaria and in recent years - in the region. The firm has developed a modern, dynamic and business oriented practice, dominating the ...[ ]
Borisova, Grancharova & Stoyanov Legal Services
529. Borisova, Grancharova & Stoyanov Legal Services
Established in 2008, “Borisova, Grancharova & Stoyanov” law office has earned its good reputation based on the long standing experience of our team members combined with modern and personal approach to each of our client’s needs. The company founders are highly ...[ ]
Borissov Law Office
530. Borissov Law Office
Borissov Law Office was established to meet the unique needs of a country in transition to democracy and market economy. The firm follows the best practice principles and abides by professional ethics of high standard. In order to provide high quality service to our clients we ...[ ]

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