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Sofia City Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(3259 companies found)
BCD Travel
421. BCD Travel
Operating in more than 90 countries, BCD Travel is one of the world’s largest travel management companies and a market leader in Bulgaria. Combining global strength with local service, we offer an integrated technology infrastructure that provides intelligent analysis of ...[ ]
422. BDK Ltd
DK Ltd is a private construction company. It is established in Sofia in 1997. The company is dealing with construction and enterprise, including design and construction of housing, administrative and office buildings, villa areas and family houses. BDK’s employees and ...[ ]
423. BDZ EAD
Transportation and Logistics
BDZ EAD is a member of a number of international professional organizations, e.g.: • The International Union of Railways (UIC); • The International Rail Transport Committee (CIT); • The South-east Europe Railways Group (SERG); • Organization of Railways Cooperation ...[ ]
424. BEATO
Construction Furnishing
BEATO offers living-room, dining-room and bedroom furniture that is made of highest quality materials whit modern and unique design.
Healthcare Dental Clinics
In BEAUTYDENT you can be sure, that you are protected from the possibility to take any infection. Our employees are trained to observe strictly the instructions for hygiene and sterilization of the dental tools and equipment. The team of BEAUTYDENT guarantees a maximal ...[ ]
Bekiryanov Ltd.
426. Bekiryanov Ltd.
Company Bekiryanov Ltd. is an affiliate of the company Vitosha-95 Ltd, with manager Peter Lyubomirov Bekiryanov. Company "Bekiryanov" Ltd. has completed projects that are associated with high construction and other relating to the restoration of old buildings. One of the ...[ ]
Transportation and Logistics
Bekker Services offers door to door transport services and customs services. Geographically we focus on transport connections to and from Europe and within Europe. We combine sea, air and road transport into smart solutions for importers and exporters. From our office in ...[ ]
428. BELLISSIMO Catering
BELLISSIMO Catering is a first-class company which has the honour to present its professional team of young and ambitious girls and boys whose only goal is to make your party exciting and unforgettable. The company is equipped with the latest, most up-to-date professional ...[ ]
Belokonski Gospodinov and Partners
429. Belokonski Gospodinov and Partners
Our team headed by Stoyan Gospodinov and Nikolay Belokonski offers in close cooperation with the Austrian law firm KWR Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte and the international network of CLG professional international legal support and efficient advice for all legal ...[ ]
Belorussian Bearings Corp.
430. Belorussian Bearings Corp.
Machine Building
Belorussian Bearings Corp. Joint Stock Company "Belarusian Camps" is a Bulgarian company established in 1996 with the decision of Sofia City Court, whose business trading camps. Shareholders' Belorussian camps "JSC Minsk Bearing Plant, Republic of Belarus and the Bulgarian ...[ ]
Belpack Ltd.
431. Belpack Ltd.
Packaging industry
Belpack Ltd. was founded in 2005 as a producer of fiberboard cases and boxes. The factory and trade office are located in Sofia, Bulgaria in the “Voenna Rampa” industrial zone on the territory of Drujba Glassworks S.A. Belpack Ltd. has several high speed automated ...[ ]
BenchMark Group
432. BenchMark Group
Financial Services
BenchMark Group is financial and investment company offering services on the capital market, as well as investment products and financial consulting. The company is established by four of the leading financial experts in Bulgaria. The excellent knowledge of the financial and ...[ ]
Benevent Ltd.
433. Benevent Ltd.
Advertising and Marketing
Benevent Ltd. provides complete solutions related to event planning and management. The company has a flexible and creative approach to every single event, providing professional services tailored to the needs and requirements of its clients. Benevent Ltd. works hard to earn ...[ ]
Bento Ltd.
434. Bento Ltd.
Transportation and Logistics
Bento Ltd. is founded in may 2004 with headquarters based in Sofia. For the time of its existence, the company proved itself as a serious partner and accurate executor of services and activities such as relocation, installation and repairing of offices and homes, maintenance of ...[ ]
Beotela Ltd.
435. Beotela Ltd.
Software Development Web Design
Beotela Ltd. is established in May 2000 and in October 2000 incorporated as an Internet and software solutions company. Our philosophy is to build a steady relationship with our clients. We will work with you all the way to the successful re-earn of every penny spent. Our ...[ ]
436. BERG
Metal Industry
Founded in 1921 as company for industrial furnaces, BERG early specialized in the production of furnaces and plants for the galvanizing industry. BERG galvanizing furnaces and plants are in operation in more than 50 countries all over the world. BERG runs two own galvanizing ...[ ]
Bernstein & Co Ltd.
437. Bernstein & Co Ltd.
Business Consultancy
Bernstein is an integrated business development consultancy that works with a wide range of services and clients. Our highly experienced team includes growth strategists, business developers and communications managers that deliver results. We work with you to develop a clearly ...[ ]
bERS  Plc.
438. bERS Plc.
Transportation and Logistics
* From the very beginning bERS Plc. started its growth in 2005 as one of the leading companies offering integrating logistics services in its own warehouse and infrastructure. * The logistics centre bERS is situated in the North industrial area of "Kazichene" ...[ ]
Best Beverage EOOD
439. Best Beverage EOOD
Food and Beverage Beverages
Deliciously and refreshing drinks that support your healthy lifestyle. ALO drinks are natural products that contain real Aloe vera. Full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids; Helps maintain a healthy digestive system; Improves absorption of vitamins C and E and ...[ ]
Best BG Properties Ltd.
440. Best BG Properties Ltd.
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
Best BG Properties is one of the leading real estate agencies in Bulgaria, established and based in the capital Sofia. We have offices and representatives in Cyprus, UK, Wells, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Russia and Poland. If you don’t want to wait and you had enough ...[ ]

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