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Sofia City Business Directory at Invest Bulgaria
(3259 companies found)
ESRI Bulgaria Ltd.
1101. ESRI Bulgaria Ltd.
Software Development
ESRI Bulgaria Ltd. is privately-owned Software Company specialized in Software Design, Development, Implementation, Training, Support, and Integration. The company is experienced especially in GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) based solutions. ESRI Bulgaria Ltd. has a ...[ ]
Essence Marketing
1102. Essence Marketing
Advertising and Marketing
Agency for integrated marketing and advertising with the following activities: Develop brands Build image Establish relationships Instill loyalty
Essex Prep
1103. Essex Prep
English for Beginners Angliyski average Advanced English conversational English individual training Preparing for UBELT ® - Consultations with dentists Dentrimental medical English Business English academic English GMAT ® Mr. Mladenov IELTS ® individual ...[ ]
Estate Tribune
1104. Estate Tribune
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
Estates - Bulgarian
1105. Estates - Bulgarian
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
Our company offers a large variety of services and of course most of them are referred to the process of buying Bulgarian properties. Our advice can save you a lot of time and money of course. Our main areas of activity are legal and financial advising. However we can ...[ ]
Estates Ltd.
1106. Estates Ltd.
Real Estate Real Estate Agencies
We are full-service providers – arranging travel and accommodation, covering all legal aspects related to a property deal, and providing after-sale service - possible renting out the property and full property management in your absence. We are agents acting on behalf of ...[ ]
Esthetdent Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
1107. Esthetdent Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
Healthcare Dental Clinics
The activity of our dental practice is entirely directed towards satisfying the highest aesthetical requirements of our patients. We offer thorough treatment in accordance with the most contemporary and modern technologies and materials of the world market. We have specialized ...[ ]
Established in 1992, ET "PERPETO" is leading company in the wholesale and retail trade with ATV and scooters. Exclusive distributor of the big Chinese concern manufacturing ATV and scooters LIFAN GROUP. Principal agent of the trademark SUN STAR SCOOTERS, ET "PERPETO" ...[ ]
ET Slavi Slavov and Sons
1109. ET Slavi Slavov and Sons
The Company was established in May, 1993 with the following subject of ac-tivity: study, design and execution of repair, construction and blast works on all types of construction projects. From its establishment in 1993 till now the Company has been managed by Mr. Slavi Bonev ...[ ]
1110. Etaligent.Net
Information Technology
A world in which WE take care about the information processes that support YOUR business. Take advantage of our expertise and resources because they cover all areas of the modern information technologies - starting from software development and web-based applications, through ...[ ]
ETEM Building Systems
1111. ETEM Building Systems
Construction Doors and Windows
ETEM Building Systems is the leading company in developing architectural solutions and systems in harmony with people and nature. We value the basic principles of sustainable development and produce systems in compliance. We strive for an open dialogue with our clients, we ...[ ]
1112. ETICOM
Construction Doors and Windows
ETICOM was established in 1992 in the town of Petrich and at present its head office is still there. The company, which ranks among the leaders in this sphere, has earned its good reputation in the long years of experience. ETICOM works with high quality materials provided ...[ ]
Etna Cargo
1113. Etna Cargo
Transportation and Logistics
Etna Cargo was established in 1995 year. In the beginning the company had three employees and offered its customers only a limited range of transport services. Gradually it expanded the offered services. In 2000 the company built its own office building and warehouses on 2000 ...[ ]
Eurapel Communications
1114. Eurapel Communications
Advertising and Marketing
The company was founded in the fall of 1991 in Sofia. Eurapel Communications realizes its mission and social role in the pocess o word and developing markets transition from industrial to communication society. The simultaneously developing processes of segmentation and ...[ ]
Euro Enigeering Ltd
1115. Euro Enigeering Ltd
DESIGN, SUPPLY, installation and service of: Lightning protection and grounding system: with lightning foresight - to protect large scale projects for general and special purpose: hypermarkets, palaces, halls, warehouses, stations / auto, aero, marine and g. mo. / ...[ ]
Euro LED
1116. Euro LED
Euro LED is a trade representative of leading LED lights manufacturers. Categories: ELECTRONICS, LIGHTING, LED Products: optoelectronics, fiber-optic lighting, LED lighting,
1117. EURO LEX
EURO LEX offers its clients consulting services in the field of law and economics and strives to provide complete solutions in connection with their activities upon analyzing thei business. As corporative structures are mainly the cilents of the company, we are oriented to a ...[ ]
Textile and Fashion
Importer, Wholesaler and Re-exporter of quality Jute and Cotton bags from India to Europe. Our bags are very well accepted in Spain, Greece, Holland, UK and other European countries as well. Recently we have opened our regional warehousing hub in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have ...[ ]
1119. Euro RSCG
Advertising and Marketing
Euro RSCG is part of Havas - the world’s sixth largest communications group. Our office in Bulgaria was first founded in 1996 as part of Euro RSCG New Europe – the division responsible for Central and Eastern Europe. In the last several years, we have experienced ...[ ]
Euro Target
1120. Euro Target
EuroTarget ® offers: English language courses for adults and students in the system, "New Headway", Oxford University; Courses workplace: English; Business English; German; Spanish; Italian language; Russian; Courses for Class 7 - exam preparation in elite ...[ ]

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