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Rousse University - Angel Kanchev - Bulgarian Universities
Rousse University - Angel Kanchev - Rousse
Rousse University - Angel Kanchev - Bulgarian Universities

The University of Rousse, named after Angel Kanchev, is situated in a city with a nineteen- century history, a place, where alongside the rich architectural, industrial and cultural heritage there also live the enterprising national spirit and the deeply rooted European influences. Our university is the successor of the first national higher technical school outside the capital of Bulgaria, established in 1954.

As a result of its long traditions and the support of the European Union through the TEMPUS program, all technical courses have been updated and diversified. Also, a wide spectrum of new courses has been introduced in the fields of technology, the humanities, management and economics.

More than 6 000 students are taught in modern laboratories and classrooms. Half of all faculty members are full professors and associate professors, or hold doctoral degrees. The International Students Department, one of the four national centres of its kind, offers preparatory courses in Bulgarian. The tradition and the geographical location of the University of Rousse determine its mission and its strategic role of an educational, scientific and intellectual center of the Rousse Region and North-East Bulgaria on both the national and the international levels. The University of Rousse offers very good on-campus accommodation for 2 400 students. There are eight student hostels, two of which are for families. The student refractory, cafeterias, the medical center, the kindergarten and creche, the post office and job center, the shops and the entertainment center are all in the same part of the campus.


Faculty of Agricultural Mechanisation
Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Automation
Faculty of Automotive and Transport Engineering
Faculty of Business and Management
Faculty of Pedagogy
Faculty of Law Studies


University Computing and Information Services Center (UCISC)
Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE)


Subsidiary of the University of Rousse in Silistra

Technological College - Razgrad
Technological College - Silistra

University website: Rousse University - Angel Kanchev

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