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Roussalka - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Roussalka - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Roussalka - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Roussalka is a holiday compound situated in the picturesque oak forest of the Toukliman Bay (Bird Bay) in the north part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 90 km from Varna, 19 km from Balchik and 15 km from Kavarna. It was established in 1958 in a rocky forest area, which is a natural habitat for millions of birds. Literally translated “Roussalka” means mermaid. Almost all the tourist in the resort are foreigners; in the past Roussalka was known to be a French destinations, while nowadays a lot of Dutch, Belgian, Russian and especially German tourists chose it for their vacation. The resort has a different concept from the other, bigger resorts like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. It consists of many deluxe one-storey houses and outside access to them is restricted. These conditions make Roussalka a preferred destination for foreigners who want to spend their vacations in a calm, quiet and secure place. The resort is calm but not uneventful; there are plenty of different activities offered to the guests. There are more than 15 tennis courts, conditions for horse riding, beach volleyball, soccer, archery, and of course, equipment for variety of water sports: yachting, kayaking, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc. Roussalka is also famous for its mineral water springs. The water comes out at 32 C, slightly mineralized, rich in sulphite, with proven healing qualities for diseases of the locomotory system, nervous system, respiratory system, gynecological diseases and intoxication. There are a lot of cultural monuments in Roussalka or near the resort, which turns it into an architectural reserve. Interesting places are ancient fortresses, tombs and caves. There are more than 40 caves situated in the popular Yaylata area, an area consisting of steep rocks, reachable only by walk. One of Bulgaria’s biggest landmarks, the mediaeval fortress of Kaliakra, is situated only a couple of km from the resort. The name of the fortress has Greek origin and means “beautiful fortress”, it is one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Roussalka is unique blend of unspoilt nature – a home of millions of birds, many seal and dolphin families, and mediaeval Bulgarian culture.

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