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Primorsko - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Primorsko - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Primorsko - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Primorsko is situated on the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 50 km south of Bourgas. The resort is located on a cape between Stomoplo Bay and the Devil’s Bay. It is the most northern place in Bulgaria where citrus fruits can be grown. The beach in Primorsko is pretty big, it has more than 80 holiday houses. The resort is famous for being a popular place for student summer camping. The average temperature for the summer is 27 C. There are remains of ancient towns everywhere around Primorsko. One of the biggest prehistoric towns, Ranuli, was situated right behind Primorsko. Its fortifications surround an area of 30 decares. Like every other Thracian town, Ranuli had it own sanctuary as well and in was discovered in 2003, 3 km away from the fortress walls. Scientists believe it dates back from XIV century BC judging on the findings from the sanctuary – the sacrificing altar, the throne, and the biggest dolmen in the world found until today. There are 3 other sanctuaries, 11 dolmens and more than 10 necropolises found around Primorsko. Other ancient remains found in the region are: anchors from V-IV century BV, copper age pottery and stone tools. Due to its cultural value and unique nature, Primorsko was announced for a national sea resort in 1953. Ropotamo River, another popular attraction, empties into Black Sea in close proximity to Primosko. The 30 m wide mouth of the river is the natural habitat for more that 100 endangered species from Bulgaria and was declared national reserve in 1940. One of the most beautiful nature appeals are the water lilies and the rock formations along Ropotamo River, some of which are hosting eagles’ nests. Ropotamo is not the only reserve around Primorsko though, others are “Water Lilies”, “Snake Island”, the sand dunes “Pearl”, and the “Arkutino” and “Stamopolu” marshes. There is a newly constructed, modern Aqua Park in Primorsko. It is one of the most enjoyable attractions of the resort. The Park offers 12 different water facilities, slides, swings, etc.

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