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Pomorie - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria
Pomorie - Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Information
Pomorie - Bulgarian Black Sea Summer Resort Information - Invest Bulgaria

Pomorie is situated on a small rocky peninsula, going as far as 3.5 km into Black Sea, 20 km away from Bourgas and 17 from Nessebar. The town dates back from ancient times near the salty lake called “sacred” lake by the Thracians because of its healing powers. The climate conditions the resort are extremely favorable, on June 22, 2007 Pomorie was announced for the balgeological capital of Bulgaria. The town gets a lot of sunrays during the summer which heats the sea really good for the fall to make it warm and pleasant. The average temperature for the fall is 20.5 C and the one for the spring is 14 C. The resort is worldwide proven therapeutic place. There is a modern sanatorium which heals successfully all year long diseases of the locomotory system, nerve system, respiratory system, gynecological and heart diseases, etc. The first mud curing establishment was constructed in 1902. The resort offers all kinds of accommodation; from cheap bungalows to middle class hotels and deluxe houses; Pomorie is prepared for 60,000 tourists.

There used to be a Thracian settlement here colonised by the Greeks in later times. A colony of the metropolis of Me¬ssem¬bria was founded here in 5th century BC. The town was called Anhialo being at the same time a colony of Apolonia as well (today’s Sozopol). The town gradually worsened its relations with Messembria because the population of the latter was Doric in origin and the town was inhabited by the Ionic. The main occupation was fishing, mining and trading of sea salt. The shallow firth presented ideal conditions for that - it was where the first settlers discovered layers of salt in the sand. The ancient town was situated further inward onto the land in the area called Paleokastro where one can see its ruins scattered all over. During the Roman domination Ulpia was added to the name of the town and it surpassed even Apolonia in its glory for a long time. Anhialo regained its name in the Middle Ages. It suffered barbarian invasions and in 8th century it was re-built by the Byzantine empress Irina. The town was intermittently under Bulgarian and then Byzantine domination, and vice versa, but more often in the Bulgarian territory. In 1366 it was conquered and resold to Byzanti¬um by Amadeus of Savoy and his knights. It fell under Ottoman rule together with Nessebar in 1453. At the time of the Kantakouzins family, successors of the last Byzantine emperors, the town became restive again; however Mihail - successor of the family had to escape to Romania. His plan did not succeed and he was hanged, but his sons managed to escape. After the Liberation the town regained its power and was of utmost importance in the Bourgas Bay. In 1906 the town burst in fire and nearly burnt down. It is known as a salt-mining centre; fruits and vegetables grow here; wine and tin productions are traditional for the place. Today the main occupation of its inhabitants is tourism.

The old churches – the Transfiguration Church (dating back to 18th–19th centuries has a valuable iconostasis and icons) and the Assumption Church (19th century). A stone bas-relief of St. Georgi is preserved in the St. Georgi the Victorious Monastery of Pomorie. A museum collection is arranged in the house of Peyo Yavorov, the reknown Bulgarian poet and there is a monument to his honour near the Yavorov Rocks. A domed tomb-mausoleum (3rd-4th century) was found in the area of Kouhata Mogila near the Europa Camping. It is interesting for the construction resembling a funnel and is open to visitors.

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